Stranded Boat Discovered With 8 Beheaded Fishermen

By Theodore Shoebat

The bodies of eight fishermen including two boys, were found in a drifting fishing boat on the southern Philippines. They had been been shot and beheaded in a horrific and brutal attack at sea, and when were found, their corpses were in a state of decomposing.

Senior Inspector Joel Lozano, police chief of the district wherein the boat was discovered, had this to say:

When we further inspected the boat (on Saturday morning), we discovered more headless bodies beneath the floorboard…. In all, it contained eight bodies

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Who could do this? Well I believe we have a clue. They were attacked in the Moro Gulf off Mindanao, which is a hotbed for major jihadism. As Emirates24 reports:

The waters off the southern Philippines are rife with piracy, and the region is also a hotbed of Islamic militants.

Remember that Mindano is the land where Christian militias have been fighting Muslims for decades. When we see what violence these heretics bring, can anyone blame them for organizing crusades against them?