Muslims To Christians: “O Christians: Convert to Islam and you will be safe.”

By Theodore Shoebat

When Muslim fighters entered the village of Maaloula, one of the oldest Christian villages in history, they made this proclamation:

O Christians: Convert to Islam and you will be safe.

Abu Sarkis, a leader in the National Defense Committees, told Al-Akhbar of what the Muslims said after this command was said:

Afterward, Christians were told that they had three options: convert to Islam, pay the jizya [a tribute for non-Muslims], or leave.

The Al-Qaeda Muslims who are attacking Christians in Syria, which to impose on the “Nazarenes” (this is what they call the Christians), this edict, cited by Abdul-Rahman ibn Ghanam:

They will not teach their children the Quran; they will not make a show of the Christian religion nor invite anyone to embrace it; that they will not prevent any of their kin from embracing Islam, if they so desire. That they will honor the Muslims and rise up in their assemblies when they wish to take their seats; that they will not imitate them in their dress, either in the cap, turban, sandals, or parting of the hair; they will not ride on saddles (cars in our time), or gird on swords; that they will not sell wine; that they will not shave the front of their heads; that they will keep to their own style of dress, wherever we may be; that they will wear girdles round their waists.

That they will not display the cross upon their churches or display their crosses or their sacred books in the streets of the Muslims; that they will not recite their services in a loud voice when a Muslim is present; that they will not take any slaves that have already been in the possession of Muslims […] and that if they violate any of the conditions of this agreement, then they forfeit their protection and the Muslims are at liberty to treat them as enemies and rebels.



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