Muslims Attack Church, Christians Fight Back And Kill Five Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Nigeria, just this Sunday, invaded the villages of Oweto and Utuluewu, and murdered seven Christians. One John Ngbede described the attack:

They killed seven of our community members in Oweto and Utuluewu villages in Agatu, while many others were injured in the attack …There was sporadic shooting in these two Christian communities in the early hours of Sunday, at about 10 a.m., when they were in their churches. This incident has forced Christian surviving residents of the two communities to flee their villages.

Sule Audu, another Christian community leader in the area, recounted that a relative, 60-year-old Isah Onum, was one of those slaughtered by the Muslims. He then said:

I do not understand the rationale behind these incessant killing of our people and the destruction of their homes

Garus Gololo, the state secretary of the Myetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, recounted with lamentation his grief over the murderers of his brethren:

I’m so sad over the killings in the area …I’m also told that the soldiers fell in the middle of the crossfire between the Agatu and Fulanis. The killers should be arrested and prosecuted.

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However, the violence of the Muslims has not been completely successful, for a show of strength has recently been illustrated in the Kaduna state of Nigeria. When Muslims were approaching a cluster of Christian villages in this state, in order to invade it and slaughter the people, a group of Catholic parishioners noticed them and informed the inhabitants, giving enough time for the Christians to get prepared for battle.

As the Muslims attempted to gain entry into the churches, the Christians confronted the Islamic hordes. The Muslims opened fire upon the Christian defenders who were gathered together by a church in the Sabon Gari area of Manchok. The Christians fired back, and in their combat they killed five Muslims, and only one Christian was wounded in the fray, leaving the saints a glorious victory.

Yakubu Gandu Nkut, of the Evangelical Church Winning All, recounted:

The gunmen shot indiscriminately at Christians who prevented them from gaining entrance into churches …All churches in Manchok, Zankan, Sabon Gari, Fadan Attakar, Gizagwai, Zangang, and in surrounding villages were forced to end their worship services abruptly because of the early morning invasion by these Fulani gunmen. …A member of my church was shot by the gunmen and was injured

After the defeat of the heretics, the Muslims left a note in the town, telling the Christians “to be prepared for a total war in the coming weeks”.

The Muslims are soon going to realize that their attempt to holocaust the Christians will not be convenient, and that their desire for bloodshed will only lead to the spilling of their blood at the hands of defending Christians.

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