Obama Goes After Me As His Political Enemy, Wants To Destroy My Freedoms

By Walid Shoebat

Who amongst us has unknowingly broken any one of the myriad of laws put forth by Congressmen across decades who are convinced that getting something done always means passing legislation. Only God Himself could successfully navigate through all of those laws unscathed. The U.S. is becoming increasingly lawless when Dinesh D’Souza is targeted and the likes of Malik Obama and Lois Lerner are protected, despite the former having ties to terrorism and the latter is implicated as an accessory by retroactively backdating the 501(c)(3) status of a man who happens to be the half-brother of the President.

Malik Obama:  Safe in Barack's arms.

Malik Obama: Safe in Barack’s arms.

As I have said before, the government has been harassing me on a daily basis, tapping my phones and listening in on my phone conversations in their inquisition against Obama’s enemies. Now with the recent news, it is obvious what they are doing: they are going after Dinish D’Souza, which is just another indication that the Obama Administration wants to seize our freedoms. As one commentator wrote:

On the Kuhner Report yesterday, Walid Shoebat told of he is now being harassed and spied upon by the Obama administration over the work he has done uncovering Obama’s familial Islamist ties, especially his brother Malik Obama who is a supporter of terrorism. Shoebat said his phone is being tapped so they can listen into his house even when he is not on the phone. He said he has received harassing phone calls over and over and that a pre-taped, un-aired phone interview he had just recorded was played back to him on his phone just after he had finished recording it and hung up. Just unbelievable.

But Shoebat says he is an Eastern Christian and try as they may to wear him out by harassing him, he will not give up telling the truth to the American people about this president. Shoebat says the only way they will stop him is to kill him and he says, essentially, ‘bring it on.’

In 2012, Martin Bashir – when he was still at MSNBC – and countless others, said that Dinesh D’Souza violated a woman and was “caught with his pants down, literally,” and just today CNN is on the attack, saying that D’Souza violated Federal Law: “Federal election law limits individual campaign contributions to a federal candidate to $2,500” instead of the $20,000 D’Souza contributed.

Malik Obama is a polygamist who married an underage girl and has his own compound in Kenya, which essentially houses his sex slaves. Yet, he is free and D’Souza, who has been critical of the President, is indicted.

But the issue wasn’t D’Souza’s morality – about which, zero evidence was provided by the media as proof. Is it about D’Souza’s contributions that the media or the corrupt Federal government was so concerned about? No, it’s what D’Souza has said, done, and written about Obama. D’Souza has maintained that Obama wants to destroy America and radically change its Christian foundation based on the Marxist ‘third world Liberation Theology’, which is necessarily atheistic and anti-Christian in nature.

D’Souza is right, Obama can be seen on video attacking Christianity and the Bible:

No one has any evidence of D’Souza with his pants down. If there is a politician who was ‘literally’ caught with his pants down, it was Anthony Weiner, not D’Souza.

It’s about time for Americans understand how this type of slander works. Most media outlets know it’s rare for anyone to challenge the veracity of a broadcast or print story. I’m quite familiar with media giants since I’ve been featured and censured on countless TV networks and in newspapers. My interviews have been edited, with selected sound bites spliced or taken out of context. The result was that my views – and often facts themselves – were not communicated accurately. Some – most notably, CNN – have resorted to smear campaigns in an attempt to destroy my reputation.

Perhaps the most infamous example occurred last year, when NBC edited George Zimmerman’s 911 call regarding Trayvon Martin in an attempt to make Zimmerman look racist. NBC was forced to apologize but no one was named or fired. Slander was hidden by an ideological entity whose primary job is supposed to be reporting facts.

Here is how it works; Journalists know very well they can get away with slander under U.S. law, which protects slander of public figures. One of the reasons for this is that the media is expected to police itself, in much the same way that the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Bar Association (ABA) has proven effective at policing its industries. The Zimmerman case demonstrates the problem perfectly; there are no consequences from within a corrupt media entity for slanderous behavior when said behavior furthers the agenda of that entity. Policing the media industry from the outside is antithetical to the first amendment. It is for this reason that if ever there were an industry that desperately needs leaders with integrity, it’s the media industry.

Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D’Souza

In today’s media culture, public figures are wide open to libel and slander. For public figures, slander cases are difficult to win.

How many Americans know how all this works?

In order to win a case, the slandered has to show what the law terms “Evidence of Knowledge of Falsity” and not just “Evidence of Falsity.” The burden of proof is on public figures to prove media outlets knew the facts and then knowingly and intentionally twisted them. Slander, or calumny laws are set up to give the media some leeway for error, but journalists use the same laws as an excuse not to dig too deeply into facts so they can get away with character assassination of public figures (Private citizens are another story and the media is careful there).

When the heads of these entities are corrupt, they believe they are bulletproof when it comes to targeting public figures.

When CNN’s Drew Griffin and Anderson Cooper criticized our non-profit organization’s work to help save the lives of Pakistani Christians, they tried to sow seeds of doubt. I told Griffin that it was none of CNN’s business and it’s not; it would put too many people at risk.

Besides, Griffin was caught smearing then Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin in 2008. In a sane world, he never would have been able to ambush me as a CNN reporter because if CNN were responsible, Griffin would have been fired after what he did to Palin in 2008:

Later the world learned that the evidence we help persecuted Christians is overwhelming, unique to the core, which includes financial records and several cases of literally rescuing over one thousand Christians as I write this entry. We post this evidence not to boast but to assure people we do what we say and to shield ourselves against slander from the likes of CNN and NBC.

But again, how many in the world today care to examine the facts about Christian suffering that is carried out by the same type of slander the media does?

Take Ryan Stanton, one example out of several. He is a Pakistani teenager whose own testimony – along with the testimony of several others about how they were slandered – can even be reviewed on YouTube:

Notice how many hits they get; very little. If mainstream media outlets spent a fraction of the time bringing you stories like this that they spend slandering innocent people who – in many cases – are trying desperately to bring you these stories, perhaps there would be much more interest. In the case of MSNBC, NBC, CNN, et. al. they’re not satisfied with suppressing these messages from being heard; they also wish to smear those of us who make the attempt.

Even Christian media refuses to air such cases for fear of repercussions.

Ryan Stanton is a sixteen year-old boy who was falsely accused of Blasphemy under Pakistan Law section 295-C on 10th October, 2012. Immediately upon the breaking news of this case, our Pakistan partners contacted us about the possibility of us helping, which we immediately agreed to. Just after the news broke, a Muslim mob was hatching its plans to find him and probably murder him before the police had a chance to arrest him.

Slander is probably one of the worst things an individual can go through. I know. I was slandered and is why the slandered can see but the lame can’t.

Regardless of D’Souza’s guilt or innocence, the sympathetic Obama media will do its part to slander him in the process.