(Very Strange) Muslims Go Around Destroying Mosques In Bizarre Behavior

By Walid Shoebat

Muslims are going around destroying mosques in bizarre, sporadic and frenzied behavior.

No, it’s not the Israelis digging tunnels under the Dome of the Rock; it is that Muslim terrorists have gone mad and are blowing up any mosque they find in Syria (also in Iraq).

The Mosque Destruction epidemic has gone so far that the prominent Al-Arabia TV asks, “are there any mosques left to pray in Syria?”

In that news piece, the host laments showing how Muslim terrorists orchestrate a couple destructions and in the other mosque (Forward to 3:19) The terrorist from Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Brigade announces the destruction of the mosque named Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq.

Al-Jazeera TV, of course, uses the phenomenon to blame the Syrian military:

It’s quite amazing. Its like the St. Francis Crusade destroying St. Francis Church or Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon Brigade destroy Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon synagogue. It is unheard of, but not in the Middle East. Abu Bakr was the father in law of Islam’s prophet Muhammad and while the brigade titles itself with the name, they happen to destroy a mosque and by accident, the mosque has the same name they chose prior to them coming across this mosque.

In this one above, can one see a bunch of mosques blown up by Israelis? No. Muslims

It’s all done by Muslim terrorists who are destroying mosques in Syria in order to blame the Assad regime. We went on a quest to investigate this rather unusual phenomenon and captured videos from several mosques blown up on purpose and they record it on video:

(in the above video fast forward to 1:33)

In the above, it is clear, Al-Arabia is correct and al-Jazeera are liars. Watch how they orchestrate a designed pre-meditated demolition, while the terrorists record it on film to broadcast it across the Muslim world in order to blame the Syrian government.

There are many more:

(in the above video fast Forward to 00:35)

(in the above video fast forward to 2:34)

(in the above video fast forward 00:34)

(in the above video fast forward to 3:00)

(in the above video start at 00:00)

It is actually not unusual for us, we know the mindset, but for westerners, such phenomenon is, the Saudi authorities (who send most of the terrorists) destroyed over 90% of the holiest places in Saudi Arabia. The Prophet’s birthplace – now a library – and the house of his first wife, Khadijah was replaced with a public toilet.

Muslims are destroying their own mosques while the Imams cry out and blame Israel for supposedly digging under the Dome of the Rock when it is the Muslim Waqf in Palestine destroyed ancient Temple archeological remains and they throw it in the Kidron valley and they dig Solomon’s Stables without permission.
And we ask; when did Israel ever intentionally destroy a mosque? Anyone cares to send us some proof?

So I say it without shame: Long Live Israel.



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