Muslim Man Tries To Murder Prince Harry

By Theodore Shoebat

A Muslim man in England has been sentenced for three years at Isleworth Crown Court in west London for plotting to murder Prince Harry.

His name is Ashraf Islam, 31, but his natural and initial name is Mark Townley, since he is actually a British man who converted to Islam.

His motive was that Prince Harry deserved to die because he had ‘had blood on his hands’ because he partook in two tours in Afghanistan.

Ashraf Islam  (Mark Townley)

Ashraf Islam (Mark Townley)

The judge told the heretic his reasons for such a short sentence:

This was not a threat made in isolation. … The examination of your computer revealed you conducted research on his [Prince Harry’s] whereabouts and intentions.
‘You had given the matter considerable thought …The reason behind that is that you thought he and other serving officers had some moral guilt, and you thought you had a moral right to judge. …I accept that there is nothing here that could be described as professional plans as to your expressed intentions. …Your plan was vague and unlikely to succeed.

He continued on to say:

I would have wished to consider an extended sentence,’ he said. ‘But the authorities are clear, even if a court finds that the person does represent a danger to the public, that doesn’t justify a longer sentence.

Astoundingly, the British now see sedition as a mere criminal act, worthy of a small sentence of three years. Is it any wonder that England, like America, is helping the Muslims in Syria who are killing Christians everyday? The only people who are going to help Christians are the ones who care for their fellow brethren. That means us. That means we must support the cause for the Christians. Please donate to save the lives of the persecuted Christians.



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