Muslims Murder Women For Not Wearing Hijab

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslim jihadists have taken over city of Raqqa, in Syria, and are now subjugating the population to Sharia code. They have executed several women for not wearing the hijab, as one Syrian native said:

There have been whippings of women because of this. Some women have even been executed. It’s become a case of living under the sword. Either one has to dress in the niqab by force of be executed.

The Muslims have established a “morality patrol”, and have imposed upon numerous women the punishment of flogging. One women was given 20 lashes, and another, only 19, was inflicted with 40 lashes. Every girl over the age of 10 is being forced to wear a hijab. Is this the democracy Obama was talking about?

Christians are also being subjugated in Raqqa, as I wrote last month. They have been refused the right to speak of their Faith in public, to present crucifixes publicly, to repair churches ruined and defaced and Muslims.

Thus is the tyranny of Islam, and it is quickly taking over whatever remnants of Christianity that are left, and thus there is something we must do, or else we will prove are selves useless as Christians. If we do not help the persecuted, then we are not worthy of the title of Christian. Please donate to save the lives of these Christians in Syria.

We have partnered with Sister Hatune Dogan who has been rescued the lives of thousands of Christians in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey. We are working with her to deliver these poor saints from this misery and torment.



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