The CIA’s Greatest Secret

During an event at the Council on Foreign Relations, CIA Director John Brennan was asked about the “war of ideas” surrounding Islam, which the questioner said many Americans tend to equate with violence.

Brennan responded that al-Qaeda’s ideology was built on “a perverse and very corrupt interpretation of the Qur’an, adding that the Al-Qaeda ideology is “fed a lot of times by, you know, political repression, by economic, you know, disenfranchisement, by, you know, lack of education and ignorance, so there – there are a number of phenomena right now that I think are fueling the fires of, you know, this ideology.”

You know, you know, you know …

Of course, this information Bernnan shared was unclassified.

Brennan is careful never to reveal the truth. It is as if what Islam is, became a classified CIA top secret after the 9/11 attacks.

Should Wikileaks finally uncover such hidden manuscript that reveals what Islam is all about? Then the CIA would chase someone to the ends of the earth for blowing the whistle?

So there are two Islams, one has been hijacked and the other is suicidal and terroristic.

Professor Franz Rosenthal, the great American scholar of Islam, who 50 years ago translated Ibn Khaldoun’s classic “Introduction To History,” wrote a seminal essay entitled “On Suicide in Islam” in 1946. In it he observed:

While the Qur’anic attitude toward suicide remains uncertain, the great authorities of the hadith leave no doubt as to the official attitude of Islam. In their opinion suicide is an unlawful act….On the other hand, death as the result of “suicidal” missions and of the desire of martyrdom occurs not infrequently, since death is considered highly commendable according to Muslim religious concepts. However, such cases are not suicides in the proper sense of the term.  (Franz Rosenthal, “On Suicide in Islam,” Journal of the American Oriental Society, 66 (1946), pp. 243, 256)

In summary, in order to become a martyr, one must die, and by becoming a shaheed one would have an assurance to his or her salvation. In Islam the idea of Christ dying for all humanity is rejected and is one of the reasons why Islam was founded. This then is the major difference between Muslim salvation and Christian salvation; it’s not the death (and resurrection) of Christ, which provides entrance into heaven, but your own death through martyrdom.

A martyr is a sacrificial lamb, a sacrifice to obtain salvation, which is evident from the cultural term given to a terrorist – “Fida’e” which literally means “the sacrifice.”

The Islamic argument against blood atonement is somewhat contradicted when it comes to the concept of martyrdom in Islam.

But blood atonement is hardly absent in Islam. In fact, blood atonement makes it possible to intercede on the behalf of others, since the Shaheed takes on Christ-like abilities, interceding for 70 members of his or her family who would otherwise would have entered hell’s fire. So, in order to alleviate the suffering in hell, at least one family member is encouraged to be given as a sacrifice.

How does Bernnan explain Jihadist martyrdom? He only provided the unclassified information that Jihadists “provide a perverse and very corrupt interpretation of the Quran”.

Perhaps the following questions would get answers that “this is classified information”:

Was Muhammad “perverse and gave a very corrupt interpretation of the Quran” when he used the Hudaybiyyah Treaty took Arabia to later under Omar bin Al-Khattab began to advance into Christian Byzantine territory?


Where Muslims “perverse and gave a very corrupt interpretation of the Quran” when they invaded Jerusalem under Umar bin Al-Khattab?



Dare Brennan say that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are “perverse and gave a very corrupt interpretation of the Quran” when they send incursions into Syria of replicas of the same ancient savages, beheading Christians, raping, burning and destroying everything in sight; and now the American Christian is unaware that he would take the side of such savages in full support of the so-called Free Syrian Army, Muslims from different nations whom converged into Syria to carry out that Saudi Harlot’s interest?



Where Muslims perverse and gave a very corrupt interpretation of the Quran when Arabia made its conquest of Christian Syria in 637?

All the evils of Islam stemmed from Saudi Arabia. This is significant; it is the key to unlock everything; the persecutions, the demand Jews and Christians bow to an asteroid image they call black stone … everything of this evil stemmed from Arabia.

Where Muslims perverse and gave a very corrupt interpretation of the Quran during the conquest of Christian Armenia, 639, then the conquest of Christian Egypt, 639, then the conquest of Christian North Africa, 652, then the conquest of Christian Cyprus, 654. And then under the Umayyads, more conquests into Christian North Africa, 665, then the first Arab siege of Christian Constantinople, 674–678, then the second Arab siege of Christian Constantinople, 717–718?


 Where Muslims perverse and gave a very corrupt interpretation of the Quran when they proceeded into Europe itself; the conquest of Christian Hispania (Spain), 711–718, then the conquest of Georgia, 736 in eastern Europe, then Christian Crete, 820, then the conquest of Christian southern Italy, 827 and 831–902?

Where Muslims perverse and gave a very corrupt interpretation of the Quran during the conquests into Christian Nubia: 700–1606?

When was the last time anyone seen a western terror analysts, politicians or CIA representative discuss how Islam is jolting itself into becoming a regional superpower?

None of this fits in their analytical paradigm, which simply constitutes daily butt-kissing Muslim theologians.

Heck, it’s not just that the Muslim theologians are getting butt-kissed by the CIA, FBI and politicians from right to left, but the top ranking American Christian theologians are standing in line.

What American theologian is even raising a stinker when Turkey is talking about converting the cathedral of Hagia Sophia; the largest Church in Christendom into a prayer mosque and no one is making a peep.

Last time it was converted into an imperial mosque was when perverse Muslims on April 15, 1452, the fateful day when Muhammad II ordered preparations to be made for the siege of Constantinople, captured it occupying the cathedral of Hagia Sophia which was converted into an imperial mosque, in which the soldiers were killing each other fighting who gets to rape the prettiest Christian concubine.

Or where Muslims finally humbled when Christians finally rose up and bruised the Ottoman Empire on the head and killed it in 1918 and the Islamic empire received a head wound in the aftermath of World War I?

And now, the very Christian West that killed it, the very powers that struck it down are simply taken out of the way and causing the same Islam to rise again, this time by allowing the “good cop”, the Muslilm theologian with a three piece suit to cover up for the terrorist “bad cop” while both cops are cut of the same cloth, one is more perverse than the other.

The CIA’s greatest secret is simple—Islam is not so peaceful, and while everyone knows that such a secret has leaked long ago, telling it becomes a taboo.