Crowd of 250 Violent And Rage Filled People Attack Pastor

By Theodore Shoebat

A crowed consisting of 250 people attacked a pastor and his wife in Sri Lanka, beating them up and commanding others not to associate themselves with them.

But the mob was not Muslim, it was Buddhist. This brings me back to what I have been writing on recently: Buddhism and Islam both lead to the same results: tyranny and the persecution of Christians. The comparison between Buddhism and Islam will be something that I will be writing on more and more as the parallels between the two get closer.

The Buddhists in Sri Lanka desire to make Christian evangelism illegal, and conversion to Christianity outlawed. What difference does this have with Islam? Nothing.

I actually made a video showing a very prominent Chinese Muslim imam who was a former Buddhist admitting that there is no difference between original Buddhism and Islam:


As one journalist wrote:

Two churches and a Christian prayer centre were attacked in January by a crowd of Buddhists, saying they were illegal buildings and were intended to carry out proselytising.

Let this be lesson to those who are deceived by the facade of “compassion” and “humility” that surround Buddhism; the propaganda propagated by Buddhists is of the same level of deception as the “religion of peace” mantra repeated by Islamic enthusiasts.

The Church is being attacked on all sides, and there is no room for indifference. Please make a donate to save Christian lives in Pakistan, Syria, and Iraq.