Muslims Demand For Pedophilia To Be Legalized

By Theodore Shoebat

The top religious authorities of Pakistan, called The Council of Islamic Ideology, have deemed the prohibition of child marriage, which is really pedophilia, as contrary to Islam.

They attacked Pakistan’s Prohibition of Child Marriages Act as something that goes against Islam.

Tahir Ashrafi, a member of the council, protested with these disturbing words:

There is no specific age limit for marriage in Sharia … Sharia says an individual can marry when he or she reaches puberty and puberty cannot be defined by age …Family members can marry a child if they think he or she has reached puberty.

Tahir also believed that Pakistan’s law that requires a wife to consent before her husband takes another wife, is un-Islamic:

Islam allows to marry four women so there is no question of asking the consent of first wife if a man wants to marry a second time

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Islam leads to the permission of pedophilia, just as the homosexual agenda, once given full indulgence, will lead to the legalization of pederasty.

In Afghanistan, pedophilia of boys and girls is very common. Here is a picture of an Afghan who pimps young boys for a living, joyously explaining what evils are done to the helpless victims:

ted sodomy muslims copy

You can watch the interview of this heathen in this documentary:


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