While Obama Helps Jihadists, He Kills Christians

By The Persecuted Christian

As we have already pointed out in part 1 that the persecution of Christians in the Middle East is accelerating and nobody is paying attention. The rise in Islamic militancy is a byproduct of the Arab Spring and Christian minorities throughout the Islamic world are facing threats that until now, are considered unimaginable.

Watch this video and see how one of the jihadists broke Mary statue by saying that in Syria only Islam will prevail and Christianity is not the religion of God.


The west has addressed the Christians persecution in the Middle East on a large scale especially in Syria in words only, the proposals; solutions are countless, sympathy is well communicated and many Christian’s charities and helping organizations have gone further by distributing and sending bibles to the persecuted Christians. What an irony.

Please watch this short video about the persecution of the Syrian Christians in the Arab Spring in Syria and see the freedom of the Jihadists.

Instead of concern for religious freedom across much of the world, and the end to Christian genocide and religious persecution, the world is much more obsessed with laws against “homosexual displays”. The west has to wake up; recognize that Islam is spreading and Christians around the world are becoming encircled, by secularism on the left and militant Islam on the right.


Those atrocities are indeed appalling, but they cannot truly be understood without being seen as small pieces of a much larger narrative. The landscape of anti-Christian persecution today, as shocking as it is generally unknown. All acts of religious discrimination in the world today are directed at Christians. Statistically speaking, that makes Christians by far the most persecuted religious body on the planet.

What is happening? Christians are at a great risk and Western governments, media and churches are so reluctant to acknowledge it. Over three years of Christian persecution in Syria and as a persecuted Christian, whose family was savagely killed by the jihadist, I can tell that Christians have lost their hope in getting a solution due to the limited understanding and conception of what constitutes ‘religious violence & Extermination.

The decisive question about the destiny of Christianity in the Middle East is more deserving of a compelling answer that all Christians are left with now. They are left with two options only as neutrality was the most devastating element in their persecution.

We are currently working in Operation Tartus, for which we are planning on escorting around 30 or so Christians from the Arman District in Syria to the Tartus region on the coast. We cannot do it without your help. Please donate to make Operation Tartus possible.


Due to the standing situation in Syria where all the Christians areas are coming under attack by the Rebels in the so called Invasions where Muslims attack the Al Kuffar (Christians) and they lawfully have the right to kill, rape, steal and damage the properties and the possessions of Al Kuffar (Christians) and this is going on daily in Syria.

3Syrian Christians look warily at a future as a vicious vacuum that could hasten their Extinction. Large numbers have fled to Lebanon since it is the only country left in the Middle East where Christians still hold political influence, but even there, their life situations are not even better compared to Syria. Some refugees have found temporary shelter in Jordan and they applied to western embassies, but their immigration requests have been rejected.

Some Christians sold whatever they owned in Syria in order to get here, so that they could apply for visas at an embassy. They were all surprised to be rejected on the basis that there was no reason for them to go to Europe or USA. The embassies reasons were vague

Christian Militancy :

The survival of Christians in the face of the four facets of Islam The militant and violent face of Islam including Islamic terrorism; the ideological face of Islam in the form of Islamist conceptions of an Islamic State; 1Islamic/Muslim criticism, rejection and polemics against Christian beliefs; and Islamic missionary activity – da’wa requires a brave stance for the Soul of Christianity.


Most Christians have realized that defending their cross is the only way to preserve their heritage and the land of their ancestors.Here is a vidoe for the lions of Saydnaya – Damascus killing large number of Jihadists.

The violence in Syria gave momentum to the rise of Islamists and their brutal assaults, the Christians unilateral position is unacceptable now anymore and moping does not bring any protection or a brighter future. Choosing one of the options is the road map ahead of time or the extermination is flagging in the offing.

Please do not forget to help us rescue Christians in Syria, and donate to deliver these saints from the living hell they are in.


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