Antichrist Nation Of Turkey Wants To Revive Genocide Of Christians


By Walid Shoebat

While the FSA (Free Syrian Army) is loosing momentum in Syria, the Muslim terrorists are working with the Turkish government. yesterday reported attacks on Kessab, a predominately Christian Armenian city of 50 thousand inhabitants in which over 80 Armenian Christians were massacred and today we obtained footage of further attacks on Christians in Samra.

It seems that Erdogan aiding the Chechen and Afghan Muslim terrorists on the attack on Kessab shows that he has alreadyput on the hat of his fathers who massacred the Armenians in the past. Turkey is entering the fray for political and religious reasons. Al-Samra was the town that was historically Iskenderun. In 1939 after the control of Turkish troops on the Iskenderun it was declared part of the Turkish Republic under the name “Hatay”. When the French Commission amended the border, they included the town to be under Syrian control as the Latakia province.

(video showing an attack by Mig Jet fighter jet on Latakia)
The Turkish involvement now changes the equation. Terrorists are seen patrolling using Turkish Gendarmerie vehicles and are aiding in persecuting Armenins. was able to obtain video recording of statements from Armenian Christians through Arabic media sources.

Here is a priest revealing how the Turks were behind the massacre of Christtians in Kessab:

Here is a video of an Armenian Christian explaining how he was kidnapped and almost killed by Chechen Muslims:

Interview of an Armenian women affirming that the Turkish government wants to revive the Armenian Genocide:

We also obtained statements from Armenians lamenting their situation. “Since the beginning of the conflict, all civilians in the troubled areas were evacuated towards Latakia, under the supervision of the army. Christian Armenian families who were previously displaced from Sulaymaniyah in Aleppo were moved to the village of Samra and finally found themselves in the middle of Latakia in the American neighborhood” says George who came from Aleppo adding “It’s hard to forget the Armenian massacres and displacement in the past, which we could not move away from the borders of our country of origin. We left Aleppo to only experience the Turkish aggression which today forces us to move again. We do not know why after all this”.

George’s mother does not stop crying, when she hears the news about what is happening. Matilda, an elderly lady who was displaced from Idlib, remembers how Kessab was turned in the previous two years to become a large center for Syrian Christian Armenians fleeing from violence and terrorism in the inner cities and that now its following them to the extremities of the nation.

Syria has directed its blame on Turkey, which ensures the coverage of the logistics for the attacks, which was launched in part from Turkish territory, which succeeded in controlling some of the hills and orchards, especially on the larger part of the town of Kessab. last week obtained sources from within the Turkish ground that new training centers have been established in Ghazi Adab, Antioch and Ophra in Turkey prior to these attacks on the coastal area on the Mediterranean. Now we see the results. This will switch the battle from the inner parts into the borders and coastal area.

The plan as we see it is simple, the terrorists want control of the border crossings between Turkey and Syria, which halts the crossing with Turkey that was under the control of the Syrian army, with the exception of crossing Qamishli in al-Hasakah province, which is practically closed.
The attacks on the province of Latakia, especially Qardahah is essential since it is the birthplace of President Bashar al-Assad. Note that this is a conservative stronghold and is the most prominent of the Syrian system, both in terms of political support, which secured Bashar and his family ties that bind him with the religious residents there.

The terrorists under Turkish aid, attempt to gain access to the coast in the hope of controlling the maritime line which is long enough to receive small cargo ships, which would open the door to the possibility of the transfer of weapons and gear to the Syrian opposition by maritime line, and without any supervision or control of by any party, except the sender and the receiver.

This of course is causing the Syrian military to concentrate on these areas with air force and bombardments since this is a red-line as far as Syria is concerned, but with Turkish aid, it looks like the rebel forces which comprise of Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front), Ansar Al-Sham (Supporters of the Levant), and Kataib Sham al-Islam (Islamic Brigade of the Levant) and Syrian Front Rebels Syria.
The axis of the Al-Samra mountain hill and Observatory 45 is crucial for the terrorists on the northern borders with Syria’s northern border with Turkey.

Putin has affirmed that he is taking the cause of the Christians in Syria, and one way he is doing this is supporting Bashar al-Assad’s fight against the jihadists. While Turkey is supporting the Islamists in their massacring of Christians, Russia is assisting Assad in the endeavor to protect the Christians. What you are seeing in Syria is an indirect conflict between Turkey and Russia. The Orthodox Christians and the Ottoman Muslims.

Here is a very emotional video showing the sufferings of the Armenians who escaped Kessab:



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