“Christians are the most persecuted group on the planet”

By Theodore Shoebat

John Allen Jr., former Vatican correspondent, has made, this revealing statement:

In effect, our era is witnessing the rise of a new generation of martyrs

And how very true this is! The massacre of 80 Christians in the Armenian village of Kessab just took place, and the world is just as indifferent as it was when the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, and the Nanking Massacre were all occurring.

Here is a very moving video we made illustrating the passion of the Armenians who fled Kessab to escape the brutal and murderous attack of the Muslims:

150,000 Christians are killed each year, and every 5 minutes a martyr is made. Allen, Jr. stated:

Christians uniquely have a hard time of getting their story told …In the U.S., the threat to religious freedom is you might get sued… In other parts of the world, you get shot.

He then made this most bone chilling declaration:

Christians are the most persecuted group on the planet

We have responded efficiently to the most persecuted people on earth, by establishing Rescue Christians and actually saving lives. Please donate to save Christian lives in Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan.


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