Muslims Butcher Thirty One Innocent People, Mutilating Them And Burning Their Flesh

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in China detonated a suicide car bomb in the middle of a crowd in Xinjiang that cut people to pieces and brought about many fires. The Muslims butchered thirty-one people and injured over ninety people. One witness heard a dozen large explosions, as opposed to just one. Police have sealed the entire area of the attack in downtown Urumqi where the bombs were detonated. The government web portal Tianshan reported:

Thugs broke through a protective metal barrier by driving two vehicles, colliding with the crowd and detonating explosive devices, causing the deaths of 31 people and injuring 94

Bodies covered in blood and gore were seen lying on the streets, and smoke billowed above the flames caused by the explosion. It was truly a scene of utter horror. A Chinese girl studying in the US said that the bomb erupted right near her home, and said:

[My mother] said the two cars drove into the crowd, and they had flags on them… Then, one of the cars blew up and killed at least four people. The other car blew up after that as well.

A witness described the horror:

I was less than 100 meters [328 feet] from the scene, and I saw smoke and flames, and a vehicle and goods on fire

Here is a video showing some of the gore:

Another witness described how the air was filled with the smell of gunpowder and the sound of weeping:

The air was full of the smell of gunpowder and the sound of sobbing… There were simply too many (casualties), old folks who were at the morning market

The explosions were found to be done by some very sophisticated bombs, according to military affairs analyst Huang Dong, who said:

They seem to have stuffed the vehicles full of explosives… These explosions were on a level with military explosions. …That’s why so many were killed or injured. …It wouldn’t be an easy matter, to make explosions that could cause so many deaths and injuries on their own, inside China… Also, the strategy and planning was quite sophisticated.

The Muslims in the West have no sympathy nor the sentiment to acknowledge the evils of this crime. Dilxat Raxit, the main representer of the Uyghurs, who is now stationed in Germany, did not blame the attack on the Uyghurs themselves, but on the Chinese, saying:

It doesn’t matter who they send there; they’re not going to be able to resolve what is already a dire situation, unless Beijing changes its current policy towards Uyghurs

The only policy China needs to adopt is a tougher one against Islam. As reported before, China has banned the Islamic veil and long beard in order to suppress Islamic fundamentalism, but it needs to get more stringent and suppressive if it desires to prevent this sort of violence.



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