Trey Gowdy is being Set Up to Fail on Benghazi

On Today’s Ben Barrack show…

Whether Rep. Trey Gowdy – chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi – will be able to overcome attempts to compromise him remains to be seen. However, his appointment of Philip Kiko as his committee’s Executive Director inherently compromises the investigation itself, as has reported.

As such, Gowdy is being set up to fail and he may have done so by his own hand. The man who has much more history with Kiko than Gowdy does, is Speaker John Boehner. The extent of Boehner’s involvement in the appointment of Kiko is not known but he certainly welcomed it.

The problem is that Kiko helped to craft the Patriot Act, which was a bill that was part of a corrupted process. Today, it’s a corrupted law that has actually served to handcuff authorities who would otherwise be looking into the activities of Muslim Brotherhood agents in the U.S.

Moreover, in 2013, Kiko was hired by a lobbying firm named Smith-Free Group and subsequently registered as a lobbyist for the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR). One of the multiple organizations who make up the LCCR is Muslim Advocates, which is headed by a woman named Farhana Khera, who has an extensive history with Muslim Brotherhood front groups, to include the ISNA and MSA.

Once it is accepted that the Muslim Brotherhood played a hand in both 9/11 attacks, Kiko should recuse himself from the Benghazi investigation both because of his role in crafting the fatally flawed Patriot Act and as a lobbyist registered to lobby for Khera’s organization.


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