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Iraq Is Collapsing And The Antichrist’s Iranian-Turkish SINISTER Plan Is Unfolding Right Before Our Eyes

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned the U.S. of the risks of launching air strikes against the ISIS in Iraq claiming concern about the fate of dozens of Turkish citizens captured last week by the ISIS. But all this is a ruse; Turkey cares less about the dozens of […]

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Apartment Manager Dhimmi orders man to take down U.S. Flag because it’s a Threat to Muslims

Duy Tran is a new resident at the Lodge on El Dorado apartment complex near Houston, TX. Shortly after moving in recently, he was told he had to take down his U.S. flag, which he had displayed on his balcony. The reason given was that the flag represented a “threat” to the Muslim community. Obviously […]

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Muslims Want To Establish New Policy To Exterminate Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims want to establish new policy to exterminate Christians, and we this taking place in Iraq right now. The situation in Iraq will lead to a major war within the country, a war so violent that it could just end Christianity in the region. Bishop Sirop, a native Iraqi, said: We fear […]

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Muslims Order Christians To Close Down Their Churches, And Say That If They Open Them Up, They Will Burn Them Down

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nineveh, Iraq, have ordered Christians to keep their churches closed, and told them that if they open their churches, that they will burn them down. According to a native Iraqi pastor, named Majeed, described this destruction of Christian liberty: That they are not allowed to open their churches. And even […]

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Ouch! Hillary asked to Sign Copy of her Book to ‘Chris Stevens’

This is by far and away Jason Mattera’s best ambush of a politician. For starters, no one in Congress – save for perhaps Rand Paul – has confronted Hillary like this. While strolling with Huma Abedin and a security detail entourage, Mattera asked Hillary to sign his copy of her book to ‘Chris Stevens’. When […]

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Why Conservatives Are WRONG: The Benghazi Attack Was About The Anti-Muhammad Film

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack **SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE** The Obama administration’s role in making the anti-Muhammad video go viral on the day of the Benghazi attacks; its connection to the filmmaker (a Federal informant at the time); the claim from one of the actresses in the video that the filmmaker confessed to being a Muslim; […]

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Ten Hindus Gang Rape Young Woman, Parade Her Naked Around The Streets, And When She Asks For A Little Water, They Force Her To Drink Urine In Front Of Her Own Son

By Theodore Shoebat A woman in India was gang raped by ten Hindus, and one of whom was her own husband. After they raped her, they then paraded her naked, and when she asked for just a little water, they forced her to drink urine. According to one report: In yet another shocking incident of […]

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