Archive | June 18, 2014

Pope Francis Condemns Feminism, And Says, “Gender ideology is demonic!”

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis has condemned feminism saying that “gender ideology” is absolutely diabolical. Bishop Laun, auxiliary bishop of Salzburg, wrote about the words of Pope Francis: In response to my questioning, Pope Francis said, “Gender ideology is demonic!” …Indeed, gender ideology is the destruction of persons, which is why Pope Francis was justified […]

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New York Times Writer Applying CPR to Benghazi Video

By Lynn Woolley David D. Kirkpatrick may be the Seth Borenstein of the Benghazi Islamic video. He won’t give it up. The New York Times’ Cairo Bureau Chief is out with yet another article claiming that the video – the key point in Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s deflection of the attack as a political […]

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Setting Up Captured Benghazi Suspect as Obama’s Star Witness

By Ben Barrack Get ready. The same thoroughly discredited New York Times writer who gave us the Benghazi propaganda novel disguised as journalism last December – David Kirkpatrick – may be helping to lay the groundwork for helping the Obama administration to resurrect the video narrative. He’s using the apprehended “lead suspect” to do it. […]

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Muslims Attack Christians, And In A Few Hours, Butcher Forty Eight Christians One By One

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim jihadists entered a resort in Kenya and butchered Christians for several hours, eventually killing forty eight people. They went to a Christian couple, asked them if they were Muslim, and as soon as the husband said they were Christians, the Islamic savages killed him, shooting him in the head and the […]

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Obama’s Arrest of The Benghazi Suspect Is A Proven Scandal

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack **SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE** Last summer when CNN reporter Arwa Damon interviewed Ahmed Abu Khattala, the suspect behind Benghazi attacks (whom Obama just arrested) was freely roaming the streets in Libya without any concern for being picked up. Now the timing of the news of his arrest should be cause for […]

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