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Muslims just Can’t Quit their Camels

Muslims in the Arabian peninsula are expressing solidarity with their camels amid concerns of a deadly virus traced back to camels on that peninsula. In the video below, camel owners can be seen kissing and caressing their animals without much concern that Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is proving quite deadly and is believed to […]

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Obama State Department ‘Swift-Boats’ MSNBC Reporter

By Ben Barrack Chuck Todd goes under the Bus after White House Trial Balloon goes up in Flames To Swift-Boat: American political jargon that is used as a strong pejorative description of some kind of attack that the speaker considers unfair or untrue—for example, an ad hominem attack or a smear campaign. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd […]

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Compare “the Gipper” to the “Traitor in Chief”

June 6th a day in 1944 that brought hope to millions who suffered the yoke of Nazi occupation and death especially if you were a Jew or someone who was caught trying to resist. Here is a great report from ITN which exposes some unusual facts about that very day and the D Day invasion: […]

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Muslim Attacker Breaks Jew’s Skull in Brutal Attack

Report from Israel National News: Jewish youths on way to Kotel before Shavuot attacked and injured by armed Arabs; if roles were reversed ‘Israel would focus on this only.’ A group of young Jews were attacked by Arab hooligans on Tuesday before the holiday of Shavuot in Jerusalem, right near the Dung Gate just to […]

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June 5th is the 47th aniversary of the start of God’s War on Terror

By Keith Davies In 1948 Israel in a defensive war managed to survive and hang on to its declared independence. The restored State of Israel won a little extra land above and beyond what was granted to them by the UN in 1947. However on June 5th 1967 after Egypt threatened Israel with annihilation, massed […]

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Three Hindu Pagan Savages Rape Two Women, Hindu Leader Says, “Boys are boys, they make mistakes”

By Theodore Shoebat Three Hindu pagan savages in Mumbai raped two women, and were given the death sentenced. A Hindu politician named Mulayam Singh Yadav came to their defense and said: Boys and girls… they had differences, and the girl goes and gives a statement that I have been raped. And then the poor fellows, […]

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