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Obama in Cahoots with modern day Nazi – Soviet Non Aggression Pact analysed on recent post regarding the break up of Iraq and the intrique between Turkey and Iran which obviously has the blessing and consultation with the Obama administration considering the current policy on Iraq and Syria as well as the fact that Obama and Erdogan the prime minister of Turkey are very close and […]

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Obama CAUGHT in Illegal Alien Conspiracy at the Mexican Border that helps PROVE Administration involved in Benghazi Video

The recent massive influx of illegal aliens from Mexico into U.S. border states is confirmed to be a community organizing operation out of the White House. As far back as January, the Obama administration was advertising for “escort services for unaccompanied alien children”. This proves a conspiracy at the Obama administration level, which also adds […]

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Republican Congressman VIOLATES his Oath at IRS Hearing

On today’s Ben Barrack show… Segment 1: How CGI – the company that built the notorious Obamacare website – is connected to the video the Obama administration blamed for the Benghazi attacks. Also, the administration was flat-busted recruiting escorts for the illegal alien children invasion. How does this provide further evidence that the Obama administration […]

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The Most Peaceful Muslim Sect Turns FANATIC And Are Preparing For The Caliphate

The Sufi Muslims who comprise one-fifth of the Muslim world, are touted in the West as the most peaceful Muslims in the world. But the West is in need for some serious shock therapy to see what is coming in the pipeline regarding the soul prepping of the armies and mass multitudes of the Antichrist, […]

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