Archive | June 21, 2014

Republican Congressman and his Wife Caught in Scandal

By Ben Barrack With regard to Rep. Mike Rogers’ upcoming radio career (look for it to be short-lived), one thing is increasingly certain; he will need one of the best call-screeners in the business. While he’s at it, he may want to have a five minute delay installed and a hired hand with a finger […]

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Muslims Order Christians That They Must Pay $250 Or More, Or Else The Christians Will Be Slaughtered

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Mosul, Iraq, have ordered Christians that they must pay $250 or more, or be slaughtered. According to one report: The semi-official channel Al-Iraqiya quoted sources as saying that “The terrorist gangs of ISIL imposed Jizya on Christians in Mosul, so as not to be killed,” Al-Manar reported. “The Jizya amounts […]

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Rand Paul Says: “I say not one penny to any country that persecutes Christians.”

By Theodore Shoebat Rand Paul recently affirmed that the United States must not send any money to countries that persecute Christians, since Obama is supporting the jihad in Syria which has slaughtered countless Christians. Rand Paul said: There’s a war on Christianity going on, and sometimes you’re being asked to pay for it… I say […]

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Muslim Demon Worshippers Join The Terrorists In Iraq Busts The Myth That Sufi Islam is Peaceful

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) The Muslim terrorist demons in Iraq are finally forcing open the eyelids of American naiveté to see the naked truth about what the west considered the most peaceful sect of Islam; the Sufi Naqshbandi order openly joined the ranks of the most notorious Muslim terrorist organization in the world; the […]

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