Obama Personally Negotiated Deal that allows Taliban Commanders to Freely Roam Qatar

Five of the worst Taliban terrorist commanders are right now roaming free in Qatar, despite assurances from the White House press secretary that any “threat potentially posed by the returned detainees was sufficiently mitigated”, as Shoebat.com reported. The translation of that into English is that the deal was done because the Obama administration was confident the Qatari government would keep these terrorists under lock and key.

Instead, these terrorists are being treated to a hero’s welcome on par with what the Obama administration was hoping Bowe Bergdahl would receive. Raising more red flags is the fact that details of the terms of their release are not being revealed. State Department deputy spokesman Marie Harf was asked… but she wasn’t talking.

However, one thing she did concede to was that the agreement was “very high level agreement” between the “head of the government of Qatar and the President of the United States”. When asked if these terrorists would be allowed to roam free in Qatar, Harf refused to confirm or deny. That refusal to answer bolsters the assertions that these terrorists are quite unfettered in Qatar:

So, in addition to the unforeseen backlash from the American people in response to a deserter in Bergdahl being swapped for hardened terrorist commanders, Harf has admitted that Obama negotiated the deal with Qatar relative to the mitigation of any threat from these terrorists. The backlash that should come from the American people next is that not only was the deal made to release these Gitmo terrorists but that no threat is being mitigated. These terrorists are roaming free in Qatar.

As Shoebat.com has reported, if there is a common interest shared by the head of Qatar and Obama, it’s what happens in Syria. Both leaders are invested in the removal of Al-Assad and a vacuum being filled by the rebels.

The lopsidedness of the deal – coupled with the fact that these prisoners are not even being jailed in Qatar upon their arrival – suggests that they will be human assets to Qatar if they are able to help with the fight in Syria.


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