Comedian Jon Stewart is a Dangerous Fool

By Keith Davies Political Commentator

Jon Stewart the left wing comedian who thinks he understands the “Religion of Peace” is but a fool who sadly has influence over hundreds of thousands of other fools.

If only Jon Stewart knew the terror intentions of Bowe Bergdahl’s father, as we have reported on the “funny” sketch might not be viewed as so funny. The facts are clear that Bergdahl, his father and the President of the United States are dangerous people who aid and abet our enemies.

Jon Stewart 060914 by lookatmyshirt

The “Bismallah” that Stewart also makes fun by showing several other Imams and Muslim leaders repeating the same prayer from the Congress and other important places in Washington are no less victory statements for Islam. George Bush also sold us out to the Saudis. Karsai the president of Afghanistan also repeats the Bismallah, remember the instance when a Muslim converted to Christianity in 2006 and under Karsai (the Northern Alliance) the penalty of death was given to this man, only some interference from the Bush administration did the man go free by being taken out of Afghanistan.

I love a joke and Jon Stewart is funny but the facts are overwhelming on the Bergdahls’, the president, as well as the treacherous release of 5 Taliban leaders from Gitmo. The security and prevention of terrorism on US citizens is no laughing matter Mr. Stewart, I hope when the terror comes liberal twits like you will give up their bodies as human shields for us conservatives who have been warning you of the danger we are in as compensation for the folly you engage in.