Brave Young Woman Escapes Five-Year Syrian Hell

Rania Farrah grew up in Saudi Arabia until her abused mother – an Australian woman who married a Muslim – fled to her home country when Rania was eight years-old. Rania’s life became somewhat normal and she was happy… until she was 13.

As a new teenager, Rania was tricked by her father, abused mother, and brother into taking a trip to Egypt. After a short time there as a tourist, Rania was flown to Jordan, given a virginity test and forced to marry her second cousin, a Muslim in his early 30’s.

For five years, Rania lived through hell in Syria.

Today, this brave young lady is back in Australia and granted an interview to 60 Minutes to tell her story.

You’re urged and encouraged to watch the entire three-part report by clicking here. A short trailer of the segment is below:

Try as mainstream western media might, the case of Rania is not an outlier. The practice of forced marriages is common practice with an alarming rate of cases taking place in Sydney, Australia alone – as highlighted in the report.

Despite Rania being back in Australia, she still has a restraining order against her father, who has returned to Sydney and has told her he has no problem slitting the throats of her and her mother.

At one point in the interview, Rania says that even after she was found to be a virgin, her father and brother beat her despite knowing that she had passed the humiliating test. Without understanding the treatment, she was told that her father knew she had passed the test and the proof was that Rania was still alive.

In a very matter-of-fact tone, she said:

“It’s quite a normal thing to kill your daughter for not being a virgin.”

Please watch the heartbreaking video of a very brave young woman.

h/t Daily Mail


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