UK Prime Minister Cameron Praises Terror Funding

In a public message, UK Prime Minister David Cameron elevated Muslims and diminished his own countrymen by claiming that Muslims give to charity “more than any other faith group”. In reality, Cameron’s definition of “charity” is what’s wrong. What Cameron avoids is both the percentage of funds given to Islamic “charities” that come courtesy of British taxpayer subsidies as well as the percentage of funds that go toward terrorism.

This video is proof positive that Cameron is NOT qualified to lead a pinochle group, let alone a country:

It truly is amazing to see the leader of a nation state exhibit this much cowardice and stupidity.

Those who say politicians care about their legacies more than anything else are wrong. The desire for a great legacy is trumped by the desire for self-preservation exhibited by acute forms of cowardice. Cameron has reached that low point.

A big reason why legacies like Winston Churchill are rare is because human nature is to take the path of least resistance as Neville Chamberlain did. These many years later, Chamberlain’s desire for self-preservation is – in a word – inconsequential but his legacy lives on – and it’s not a good one.

By this we can conclude that Cameron is less interested in his legacy than he is in self-preservation. He’s trashing the former at the expense of the latter.

No one wants to admit to being a coward, especially politicians. However, the first step to overcoming it is admission. At that point, you can get on down the yellow brick road.

Conversely, and this is certainly a self-evident truth with Cameron, politicians reach a point when their words and actions so brazenly communicate cowardice that no admission is necessary for it to be seen by others.

Cameron has become a fool.

After 9/11, George W. Bush and Tony Blair led the western charge in a fatally flawed strategy. That strategy was to appeal to ‘moderate’ Muslims in an effort to seek their help in marginalizing ‘extremists’. The problem they overlooked with willful blindness was that the ‘moderates’ they were engaging were actually stealth ‘extremists’ in a game of Middle Eastern good cop / bad cop.

Thirteen years later, both countries have allowed Muslim immigration and infiltration to skyrocket while continuing the same insane strategy. The obvious absurdity is that the longer this continues, the more difficult the battle will be once someone has to confront it.

As if that weren’t bad enough, leaders like Cameron have exacerbated their own problems with a pro-Arab Spring strategy beginning in 2011. NATO countries – to include Great Britain and the U.S. – have embraced regime change all across the Middle East in places like Egypt and Tunisia while working hard for it in places like Libya and Syria. A consequence of this has been a reinvigorated Muslim Brotherhood Cameron still refuses to deal with, despite reports from earlier this year that he was launching an investigation into the group.

How’s that going by the way?

Cameron with Mursi (photo not available: Cameron with el-Sisi)

Cameron with Mursi (photo not available: Cameron with el-Sisi)

If there is a figure Cameron should take lessons from when it comes to dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s Egypt’s new President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi. Yet, instead of meeting with El-Sisi, Cameron sent a delegation with a letter from him.

Conversely, when the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi became President, Cameron had no problem meeting with him.

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