Muslims Attack Christians And Bulldoze Church, Christians Respond And Say, “Even if they destroy this church building, our God is still good all the time,”

By Theodore Shoebat

The Muslim government of North Sudan, under Obama’s friend and family associate Omar al-Bashir, bulldozed a church, leveling it to the ground. A member of the church had this to say about the destruction of his church:

Even if they destroy this church building, our God is still good all the time… We the believers are the real church. We are asking you to continue to pray for us because of the great challenge we are facing.

The details behind the bulldozing of the church is given by one report:

Members of the Sudanese Church of Christ in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, watched helplessly June 30 as security forces bulldozed the church, one day after authorities ordered worshippers to vacate the building, Morning Star News reported.

About 70 security personnel armed with guns and tear gas participated in the demolition and threatened to arrest anyone who interfered, witnesses said, but no one was physically harmed.

The church structure was built in 1983 and has documents showing the church owns the land, pastor Kwa Shamal told Morning Star News. Authorities refused to compensate the church for the land and said the location was designated for a hospital.

The congregation of 430 is forced to worship in tents. A nearby Muslim mosque remained.

The Muslims would be up at arms if America began bulldozing mosques, and I say we say make them suffer what they do to churches.

We hear at Rescue Christians once rescued a Christian from Muslim violence in Somalia, and transported him to Ethiopia where he can now worship God in peace and with freedom.

Please help us rescue more Christians in Africa.



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