Retired General and Fox News Guest uses Shoebat Research and then Dismisses it

General Tom McInerney (Ret.) appeared on a Fox News segment with Megyn Kelly and made a shocking claim after initially seeming to agree with something has been saying for years, that the Islamic Caliphate known as the Ottoman Empire will be re-established in Turkey.

After predicting that the Caliphate declared by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of ISIS in Iraq will be “very short-lived”, McInerney then said that the only possible Caliphate would come from Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, which is exactly in line with Walid’s interpretation of Biblical prophecy.

McInerney then said something quite amazing. After making the point that Turkey would be home to the only Caliphate, the retired General says, “I don’t believe that will happen either”. Logically, using McInerney’s logic, he doesn’t believe there will ever be another Caliphate.

Watch the entire exchange but pay close attention at the 3:55 mark:

The reason for the interview with McInerney had to do with the recklessness and barbarism of ISIS. In particular, the segment opened with video brought to you exclusively by earlier this week from Arabic sources. It was video of ISIS jihadists destroying Jonah’s tomb in Mosul, Iraq.

McInerney’s point about al-Baghdadi experiencing the most “short-lived caliphate” was based in part on the actions of ISIS that include alienating other jihadist groups. It was indeed interesting to see McInerney utilize Shoebat’s research in one breath and then completely dismiss it in his next breath.

We are left only to conclude that Gen. McInerney doesn’t believe a Caliphate will ever exist again.

We beg to differ.


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