Watergate Complex and Iran-Contra now part of IRS Scandal

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A new figure has been introduced into the Malik Obama angle to the IRS scandal. In March of 2013, the Watergate apartment of former Reagan National Security Advisor Robert “Bud” McFarlane – who has connections to the Iran-Contra scandal – was raided by the FBI. Among items seized were documents and emails – according to an affidavit by FBI Agent Grayden Ridd – that revealed McFarlane was illegally representing the government of Sudan in negotiations with the United States. Compounding the matter for McFarlane was a third party contract with Qatar which was allegedly used to mask his deal with Sudan.

Based on Sudan’s status as a State Sponsor of Terrorism, it is illegal for McFarlane or any other American to deal with that country. Yet, getting Sudan off that list appears to have been one of the objectives of the negotiations, according to a CNN news report.

Nearly four years earlier, in 2009, the Washington Post reported that Sudan was “eager to curry favor” with the U.S. and enlisted McFarlane’s help. After securing a $1.3 million contract with Qatar, McFarlane met with “two of the Obama administration’s top policymakers on Sudan…”

Regular readers of Shoebat.com know that Malik Obama, President Obama’s brother is an agent of Sudan as Executive Secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) under Sudan’s war criminal president Omar al-Bashir. On June 26, 2011 – a Sunday – Lois Lerner’s signature appeared at the bottom of the 501(c)(3) approval letter of the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF), founded and headed by Malik. In essence, Lerner signed off on what McFarlane went out of his way to avoid – authorizing dealings with Sudan.

Barack had a motive to get Sudan off the terror list and that motive was his brother’s dealings with that country.

The CNN report about the seizure of McFarlane’s documents in his Watergate apartment was followed two months later by the Shoebat.com discovery that implicates Malik and Lerner in an additional, far more explosive layer of the IRS scandal.

To this point, no politician on either side of the aisle has shown any interest in introducing the Malik Obama angle to this scandal publicly, despite several of them being made aware of it as demonstrated by Shoebat.com. Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) said the claims against Malik are “spot on”.

As if said politicians had extra incentive to act, on May 30th of this year, McFarlane was in attendance at an event hosted by the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy (ICRD). At that event, Ground Zero mosque imam Feisal Abdul Rauf was honored with an award and gave a speech, even mentioning McFarlane while thanking his friends. The ICRD’s Vice President is a former high ranking official in the Sudanese government.


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