Saudi King Labels Muslims the ‘Enemies of Islam’

Saudi King Abdullah represents a country that has been exporting Islam all over the globe for decades. In fact, it has funded its arch-enemy – the Muslim Brotherhood – with untold amounts of money to help spread Islam. Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia has done what the U.S. has not; it has labeled the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

Such a reality should make it difficult for King Abdullah to rationalize his country’s financing Muslim Brotherhood groups, does it not?

Saudi King Abdullah: Looking for 'enemies of Islam'

Saudi King Abdullah: Looking for ‘enemies of Islam’

Well, he’s given it the old college try, and in doing so, what he gives us is a concoction so delusional that it creates a new standard for delusion. You see, ‘enemies of Islam’ are responsible for what Muslims have done all over the world with the help of Saudi-funded organizations:

“The joy of this Eid would have been complete if it were not for the harsh reality experienced by our Islamic nation in many of its parts as a result of conflicts for the sake of slogans, calls and factions that are totally baseless,” Abdullah said in a speech, read on Saudi television by his culture and information minister.

“These conflicts would not have existed, if the enemies of Islam and peace had not found a small group who went astray as a result of listening to them,” he said. “The group has become an easy tool in their hands.”

“They have used the group to terrorize and kill innocent people, and have distorted the texts, implications and interpretations of shari’a to serve their ends and personal interests.”

When push comes to shove, the Muslim Brotherhood and the House of Saud are enemies. The wahhabists who constitute much of the Brotherhood were jettisoned from Saudi Arabia in the early twentieth century. It set up shop in Egypt with a long term goal of re-establishing the Ottoman Empire, which includes overthrowing the House of Saud.

Despite this, the Saudis have seen fit to finance the Brotherhood. A case in point is the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA), the goal of which is to convert Muslim minority lands into Muslim majority lands. Wealthy Saudi financier Abdullah Omar Naseef commissioned the parents of close Hillary Clinton adviser Huma Abedin to lead the IMMA. The Abedin family is steeped in and driven not by Saudi nationalism but by Muslim Brotherhood wahhabism.

Read the full report here.

Left to Right: Saudi financier of al-Qaeda Abdullah Omar Naseef, Hillary Clinton, Saleha Abedin, Huma Abedin

Left to Right: Saudi financier of al-Qaeda Abdullah Omar Naseef, Hillary Clinton, Saleha Abedin, Huma Abedin

The spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood – Yusuf al-Qaradawi – is a near perfect example of what King Abdullah, based on his own standard, should consider an “enemy of Islam”. Yet, countless entities that look to al-Qaradawi for guidance are funded by Abdullah’s Saudi Arabia (Naseef and al-Qaradawi sat on boards together with Abedin family members).

To further demonstrate just how schizophrenic and delusional it all is, consider that after the Muslim Brotherhood regime of Mohammed Mursi was overthrown in Egypt last year, it was Saudi Arabia who supported Abdel Fatah el-Sisi filling the vacuum. Since then, Saudi Arabia has poured money into Egypt to help defeat the Muslim Brotherhood.

Conversely, the Obama administration, which has been infiltrated by the same Muslim Brotherhood elements funded by the Saudis, opposes el-Sisi and has been working to help the Brotherhood recover in Egypt.

Meanwhile, in Syria – not far from Egypt – Saudi Arabia has been a major player when it comes to financing the Muslim Brotherhood opposition to overthrow Bashar al-Assad. In fact, as reported, the Saudis were found to have been releasing their most hardened criminals to go fight in Syria.

Of course, chief among the reasons for this is that the Saudis and Iran are mortal enemies and al-Assad is a proxy for the Iranians. The Saudis want al-Assad gone because it would theoretically weaken Iran. Turkey wants al-Assad gone so that it can inch closer to it’s Ottoman rebirth. Saudi Arabia doesn’t want that either.

Using King Abdullah’s own twisted logic, do not such convicted Muslims represent “enemies of Islam”? Now, fast forward to today and Syria is home to ISIS and ISIL, terrorists so barbaric that they’ve got al-Qaeda on the run.

To complicate matters for King Abdullah, Turkey and Iran have been dealing and Saudi Arabia is looking more and more like the odd man out. As reported, Iraq could go to Iran in return for Syria becoming another notch in the Ottoman belt.

If King Abdullah thinks the “enemies of Islam” are responsible for Islamic violence in the world, it’s long past time for him to look in the mirror because his country has been financing those enemies on his watch.

It would appear that King Abdullah is seen as an enemy of Islam by those he has empowered.


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