Gullible Glenn Beck Helping Hillary Clinton get Elected

Talk show host Glenn Beck is apparently trying to help Hillary Clinton’s presidential run. During a segment on his program, Beck said he spoke to a “friend” of his who relayed a conversation he’d had with “Hillary people”. According to Beck’s account, his friend said the “Hillary people” think ‘the right is so stupid’ because they’re going to focus on Benghazi while Hillary’s campaign is going to focus on greener pastures and a resurrection of the old Clinton economy.

Based on this, Beck is convinced Hillary will get elected president.

Can Beck really be this gullible? So Hillary’s people are advising her opponents… and Beck is falling for it?

The reality is that the truth about Benghazi would do great damage to Hillary Clinton politically, electorally, personally, etc., which would explain why her “people” are saying her opponents are “stupid” for exposing it.

Beck appears to be falling for the same twisted logic Democrats use to argue that Republicans should grant amnesty to illegal aliens so they don’t become an extinct party. If that were true, why wouldn’t Democrats stay silent and allow Republicans to become extinct?

Beck should see right through this but doesn’t.


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