Muslims Take Christian Family And Make Them Slaves, When The Daughter Gets A Horrible Illness, The Parents Beg For Mercy, But The Muslims Cruelly Leave Her To Die

By Theodore Shoebat

Rescue Christians just recently rescued three Christian families from Islamic slavery in Pakistan, who were forced to be slaves laboring in brick kilns.

These poor Christians were kept as slaves, abused and forced to not observe their Faith. The saddest case was that of Waseem Masih and his wife Nasreen. They were kept as slaves, and when their daughter was suffering from ventricular septal defect, they begged their owners to pay for her treatment. The Muslims refused, and the daughter died of her infirmities. The devils had not one ounce of compassion, but were “Without natural affection” (2 Timothy 3:3), and they left the poor parents to plunge in the greatest misery.

Waseem, the father, lamented:

My daughter was having ventricular septal defect, or “hole in the heart,” so I requested for some more loans but they refused and my daughter passed away.

Nasreen, the mother, expressed her anguishing:

My daughter was one and a half years old and was having hole in the heart. We begged for some loan but they did not help us and my daughter died.

This greatly oppressed couple came to our organization, Rescue Christians, and begged to be liberated from their bondage. Our rescue team promised them that they would be freed, and they fulfilled their word. As the husband Waseem recounts:

A few days ago we met with the Rescue Christians team, they told us that they will help us. We told them our whole story and they promised help. And yesterday they rescued us from the kiln and now we are at a safe place. We are thankful to them for saving us from a miserable life.

Our team in Pakistan conducted an interview of Waseem and his wife and it can be watched here:

Another family that we rescued is Amin Masih and his wife Nusrat. Their slave owners deprived them of going to church or to even visit a relative. Nusrat remembered the horror and tyranny, as their owners increased their debts day by day:

We worked at the kiln of Muhammad Shafaqat, he did not allow us to go to church or meet any relative. … They forced us to work but the loan increased day by day. They bound us to stay at the kiln and we were treated as slaves.

The couple as well was rescued by our organization, Rescue Christians, as the wife, Nusrat, said:

We met with Rescue Christians and shared our problem with them, and they assured us that they will help us. After a few days later they came again and arranged our escape from the kiln. Now we are safe and free and we are thankful to rescue Christians.

We also conducted an interview of Amin and Nusrat, and it can be watched here:

Moreover, the third family we saved from slavery are Gulzar Masih and his wife Esther Bibi. They were deprived by their owners who did not allow them to even go to the hospital. But by God’s will and love, Rescue Christians took them from their slavery and escorted them to a safe place. As Gulzar says:

Even if we were severely ill or there were any happy or sorrowful moments, the kiln owner forced us to do the work. We met with the Rescue Christians team and told them our story and they assured us that they will help us. Two days ago they came to our kiln and managed our escape from the kiln.

The video of their interview is found here:

We have rescued more Pakistani Christians from slavery, and are continuing to do so without ceasing. All of these successful missions is all thanks to you, the reader who donated and sacrificed some of your own money to fund this holy cause. Without you, we would be helpless. We need your help in order to save more.

You too can be a part of the greatest rescue mission on earth.



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