U.S. State Department attempt at Muslim Propaganda

Below is a U.S. State Department propaganda video designed to dissuade Muslims from joining ISIS. Much of the graphic images we have exposed on shoebat.com but few of the Western Media outlets have shown what we have, but it is seems to be OK to make a You Tube video for Muslim consumption. The American public should not see it, it might have an effect to wake them up from their stupor, G-d forbid!

The graphic images of punishment 0f non muslims and muslims who do not follow fundamentalist Islam would actually be enjoyable for these brain washed individuals to watch. What might be more effective is to show American fire power and what happens to the Jihadists when the US military is fully and properly unleashed. A video showing this might be more effective:

In other words if you mess with the USA this is what happens to you. Leftist thinking begs for you to be nice, we say “if you attack us or our allies you will be decimated just as was Saddam Hussein and his ‘Elite Republican Guard’ ”

Send the Jihadis to hell or to their Virgins, who cares just get them out of here.


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