The Jewish Exodus from the land of Antichrist Just Begun

By Walid Shoebat

U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday urged the devil to coverup his horns when he asked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to “combat anti-Semitism” amidst reports that say that Turkish Jews are leaving the country due to growing anti-Semitism, exacerbated by the Islamist AKP government’s antagonism towards Israel and Jews. Turkey is emulating Nazi Germany. If the Nazis with all its propaganda was designed to establish external enemies, today Turkey seeks to unify all Muslims under a greater Caliphate and is aiming at Israel in order to unite the Muslim world just as the Nazis did by unifying all ethnic Germans living outside of the Reich’s borders under one Greater Germany.

And just as the Nazis did, creating a fictitious pain and misery were being forced upon ethnic Germans outside of Germany, the anti-Semitic Turkish propaganda is becoming quite similar:

“You came here after being banished from Spain,” Yeni Akit correspondent Faruk Köse wrote last July in an open letter to Hakham Bashi, the chief rabbi of Turkey’s Jewish community. “You have lived comfortably among us for 500 years and gotten rich at our expense. Is this your gratitude – killing Muslims? Erdogan, demand that the community leader apologize!”

And now, Nesim Güveniş, deputy chairman the Association of Turkish Jews in Israel, speaking to Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily Güveniş said that young Jews are particularly keen to leave, hundreds of whom have already moved to the US and Europe in recent years.

The infamous Mavi Marmara incident and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to storm out of a televised interview with Israeli President Shimon Peres were all contributing factors to the growing sense of unease among Turkey’s 15,000-strong Jewish community, who saw it as pure antagonism on the part of their own Prime Minister.

Güveniş, who himself made aliyah (emigrated) to Israel in 1981, and is one of approximately 80,000 Turkish Jews living in Israel today.

But anti-Israel politics are just the tip of the iceberg.

Blatantly anti-Semitic statements by Turkish leaders have become almost routine; from the country’s Deputy Prime Minister accusing a dark conspiracy by “Diaspora Jewry” as being behind the mass “Gezi Park” anti-government protest movement, to similar comments made by Erdogan himself.


The Turkish Prime Minister’s horns including his long history of anti-Semitism is no secret:

“the Jews have begun to crush the Muslims in Palestine, in the name of Zionism. Today, the image of the Jews is no different than that of the Nazis.” (Mayor Erdogan 1988)


Turkish Jews are leaving Turkey out of “desperation” says a 20 year-old Jewish student and emigre from Turkey.

“They were like, ‘let’s go before it’s too late,'” he related, saying that the number one destination for emigres was Israel, followed by the United States.

“They were afraid for the future of Turkey,” he added.

“The first two years in Israel were difficult, and we had to learn the language. But I don’t regret it,” he said.

In everything, Turkey is emulating the Nazis while they accuse Israel of Nazism. MEMRI, as far back as 2005 exposed Turkey’s gradual transformation:

The rising antisemitism in the Turkish media is a complex phenomenon that manifests itself in several forms:

1. Animosity towards Jews, Judaism and ‘Jewish lobbies.’ Jews are targeted as individuals, a community, people and “race,” and as a sinister political entity seeking Jewish dominance on world affairs, businesses and media. Jews are demonized in many conspiracy theories including causing earthquakes, globalization, and the creation of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia.

2. A hostile approach towards the Jewish citizens of Turkey, questioning their loyalty; blaming them of treason and for the fall of the Ottoman Empire; characterizing them with derogatory adjectives; inciting the public by citing Koran verses hostile to them; and creating an atmosphere conducive to violence. [1] This type of antisemitism also targets Masonic lodges and freemasons for their alleged connections with Judaism.

3. Antisemitism that in recent years has turned into a harsh campaign, which some Turkish intellectuals have called “a witch hunt” against the ‘Dönme’ [2] who are regarded as ‘hidden Jews’ posing as Muslims. They are blamed for helping to found the modern Republic of Turkey as a ‘spare’ Jewish state, for holding all key positions’ in Turkey and for ruling the country.

4. Antisemitism directed at Israel and Zionism. The word ‘Zionists’ often replaces the word ‘Jews’ in the press.

Even the Simon Wiesenthal Center have issued a travel advisory for travel to Turkey.

The Jerusalem Post issued an article last month titled “The damage done by Erdogan has helped to unleash anti-Jewish invective by Turkish imams in Germany and The Netherlands”.

While myths are being propagated in Turkey to advance anti-Semitism, it is time for Jews to also bust the myth of Ottoman Tolerance. The ignoramus contributor at the Jerusalem Post added saying that “Turkey, a nation with a 500-year record of tolerance for its Jews …”

Fact is, Turkey was far from welcoming toward the Jews during the Holocaust era. In 1656, all Jews were expelled from Isfahan because of the common belief of their impurity and forced to convert to Islam.

It was only a weakened Ottoman Empire that caused the abolishment of the jizya tax in 1856 under pressure from European nations to prevent the Ottoman massacres of Lebanese Christians in 1840-60, and of Armenian Christians in 1894-6 and in 1915-17.

Pogroms against Jews in the Ottoman Empire occurred in: Aleppo (1850, 1875), Damascus (1840, 1848, 1890), Beirut (1862, 1874), Dayr al-Qamar (1847), Jerusalem (1847), Cairo (1844, 1890, 1901–02), Mansura (1877), Alexandria (1870, 1882, 1901–07), Port Said (1903, 1908), Damanhur (1871, 1873, 1877, 1891), Istanbul (1870, 1874), Buyukdere (1864), Kuzguncuk (1866), Eyub (1868), Edirne (1872), Izmir (1872, 1874) including a massacre of Jews in Baghdad in 1828 and another massacre in Barfurush in 1867.

Yet even Jewish fear of Islam, most of the time, produces Jewish myth about tolerant Turkey.

Just as I said that the devil has horns, I promoted such a falsity to make a point. The devil has no horns, this too is a myth. The devil is one who draws Jews with horns.

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