The Plan to Bring the Caliphate into Jerusalem

When the world said “This is an Arab Spring and an end to tyrannies and dictatorships” we said “This is an Islamic Winter, the end of secularism and the beginning of the worst of tyrannies, the Islamic Caliphate”. Now the world is saying “ISIS” is the problem and we say “The Ottoman revival is the problem”; the West was in cahoots with it when they aided in the removal of several Arab leaders to only convert their nations into Islamo-Fascist states. And now the latest near casualty (or soon-to-be); is the head of the so-called Palestinian State; Mahmoud Abbas.

Our Israeli sources tell us that the billionaire, Abbas is whisking his entire family (including even his grandchildren) out of the so-called “Palestinian” territory to his residence in Jordan and the ISIS-like Hamas is likely to take over the entire scene in the near future.

It was the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) that saved Abbas’ hide last month when they arrested 90 Hamas operatives who had planned to topple his government and also fingered the man they believe to be at the center of the plot: Turkey-based Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri.

How could al-Arouri be running a coup d’etat from inside Turkey without leaks or even repercussions from the Turkish government tells us that Erdogan’s support for Hamas is ideological in nature; his Justice and Development Party (AKP) undoubtedly identifies with the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s bastard child Hamas. Erdogan’s support is also politically strategic — he has used the Palestinian cause as a tool to gain votes among conservative Turks, and also to gain regional clout among pro-Palestinian sympathizers across the Middle East.


We have always maintained that “Palestine” will turn Islamist and today things are getting worse for Abbas whose popularity is taking major hits especially when the Palestinian delegate to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) admitted that Hamas is committing war crimes by firing rockets into Israel which only gains him “the traitor” stigma. Even Qatar turned a blind eye when Abbas complained about the coup.

Abbas, as it appears underestimated that Hamas’ being an Islamist organization, has an appetite for power and is now feeling the brunt of Hamas opportunism as the future of his tenure of power looms in the horizon.

In utter desperation, now Abbas has resorted to arresting Hamas activists which caused protests near Bethlehem. The arrests is gaining Hamas the sympathy on the Arab street plummeting Abbas’ popularity, especially that the Israel/Hamas war in Gaza is still a fresh wound in the Arab psyche. All this caused a Hamas’ surge in popularity even in Abbas’ own turf, Hamas popularity soared to an unprecedented 66% high.

Hamas has major backers in the region by the top two dogs; Iran on one side and then Turkey, which found that the easiest ways to become the star in this region of the Middle East is to ride the wave of political Islam wearing the turban of an Ottoman Caliphate succession over the skull of Kemalist secularism and adopt the Palestinian Hamas “orphan” through the universal Muslim Brotherhood which announced that the Islamic Caliphate will stem from Istanbul, Turkey.

The situation is dire and this development is causing alarm in the Hashemite Kingdom, especially that ISIS is gathered on Jordan’s eastern border and the last thing they need is a Turkish and Iranian backed Hamas on their western front which forces the Hashemite Kingdom to invite Israel to fill the vacuum of power in Judea and Samaria.

It is a situation where every Arab secular leader is caught between a rock (looking like a traitor) and a hard place (giving up their power to Islam).

If Abbas flees, Hamas will fill the vacuum receiving a hero’s welcome from the Muslims in the West Bank. While this will expose the two state solution and Israel will have no choice but to regain the territory through force, but all this will bring an Islamist euphoria in the entire region lead by Turkey which already has its eyes on Jerusalem. In Libya, Tunisia and Turkey are rising Islamist regimes that speak about entering Jerusalem triumphant. It is why Erdogan tells the more than 50 Muslim states O.I.C (Organization of Islamic Cooperation)…

Jerusalem is the apple of the eye of every Muslim.

So when the world says Hamas is not ISIS and ISIS is not Al-Qaeda and Turkey is not the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Brotherhood hates ISIS and ISIS hates Hamas; its wise to reply with; but all these have the same goal; Jerusalem and to establish the grand Caliphate. The Muslim world is bickering against ISIS and its not because they behead but its because whom they behead. While they fight and bicker, they fight and bicker because the Jew is not the one being beheaded and is the ONLY reason why Hamas is favored while ISIS is not. It reminds us of the joke when Yasser Arafat ran into Usama bin Laden who was having a tough day since everyone was looking to kill him and he asked Arafat as to why he gets to go anywhere on the open when both were terrorists doing the same thing, in which Arafat answered: you fool I am only killing Jews.