9/11’s 13th – WAKE UP

The 9/11 anniversary means perhaps more this year than ever. Since the original attacks in 2001, we’ve had the Benghazi attacks in which four Americans including a U.S. Ambassador were murdered. This year ISIS has already beheaded two Americans in Syria and put the videos up on YouTube.

There is an ISIS presence now felt on American soil as cell phone photos of the ISIS logo were taken outside the White House; another ISIS photo was taken outside a Chicago building; an ISIS sign reared its head in Ferguson; t-shirts in Ferguson elevate ISIS over the local Police Department; in Houston two photos of men wearing ISIS apparel have been circulating on the internet.

To top it all off, the U.S. Border with Mexico is wide open and no one even knows how many ISIS members or sympathizers have already crossed.

Yet, far too many Americans are more apathetic than they were before the first attack 13 years ago.

Here are a couple of videos to wake you up on this September 11th.

First, Stuck Mojo’s Open Season **STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING**:

Darryl Worley’s Have you Forgotten:

9/11’s I Miss you Daddy:

I Believe – A 9/11 Tribute:

Toby Keith’s Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue:



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