Obama’s Plan to Kill ISIS: “Aid Moderates” who want to “Kill Bashar” who is already trying to “Kill ISIS” and lets hope that Bashar’s “Moderate” killers in the end “Kills ISIS”

By Walid Shoebat

Ya. Tonight we will find out Obama’s Plan is to Kill ISIS.

Here is my prediction on Obama’s plan.

Except that it will be very complex plan to explain. Here, I will try to explain it, but unfortunately, its so complex that I will have to write it in a very complicated sentence. Here is is:

He is most likely going to talk about our hope in “aiding the moderates” who are none other than the FSA (Free Syrian Army rebels) who he wanted to pay $500,000,000 to hopefully try to “Kill Bashar Al-Assad of Syria” (who was the only one who was really trying to kill ISIS) and then hope that Bashar’s “moderate” killers (the FSA Syrian rebels), if and when they hopefully succeed, that we can hope-and-change the situation that Bashar’s Killers (the Jihadi Syrian rebels) in the end hopefully Kills ISIS.

Did I miss anything?


And while he hopes, we hope that finally some Americans who read and believed Obama’s book understand what he truly meant by The Audacity of Hope.

The White House said Obama told lawmakers after an hour-long discussion with congressional leaders Tuesday that he “has the authority he needs to take action against the Islamic State militants”.


I can already see the comments on my blog “Obama does what he does because he is a closet Muslim”.

Perhaps. But one could counter, why then do we see Former secretary of state Hitlery Rotten Cleeeeeeeeeenton, who is non-Muslim make news this weekend by suggesting that the rise of ISIS might have been “prevented” had “the Obama administration moved to more aggressively arm Syrian rebels in 2012.”

Did Hitlery convert to Islam, perhaps through her 24 hour escort Huma Abedin?

If Obama is secretly supporting ISIS strictly because he is a closet Muslim, Saudi Arabia’s king and Jordan’s King and Syria’s Bashar and Assisi and Maliki are also Muslim and they too want ISIS out of commission.

The answer to the dilemma then might hurt many feelings; American government stupidity when it comes to the Middle East, has been exercised by many U.S. presidents from Reagan to Obama and at all levels from Pentagon to CIA.

For a starter, here was your head of the CIA planning stupidity from long ago:

And sitting behind him are so-called conservative experts from Center For Security Policy clapping the loudest.

You see, anyone who says that the problem is not Islam only gains God’s curse and He does strike them with permanent stupidity unless they go to confession.

Wooooooosley says “the problem is not with Islam, the problem is with tyranny” as if Islam is not tyranny and tyranny is not Islam.

No, the problem is not only with Islam and also with tyrannies, the problem is with the American government stupidity. Ask not why your government is stupid but ask how stupid are Americans when they ignore God.

From Carter to Reagan and all the way to Obama, it was the absolute stupid policies on both sides Republican and Democrat that helped create monsters instead of ending tyranny. It was Jimmy the Peanut Brain Farm Carter who aided in Iran’s Islamic revolution. And it was Reagan who helped the Mujahideen in Afghanistan (ya give them stinger missiles the CIA said) against Russia and by such policy he aided in the creation of the Taliban Mujahideen and the Chechen Jihadi fighters who bombed you in Boston using a pressure cooker and only then you went up in arms but did absolutely nothing. George Bush Jr then completed the chaos that Bush Sr started in Iraq trying to help the Saudis secure that their fannies can still defecate while sitting on purely golden toilets as they sent out Wahhabists to kill more Christians. All this brought in Al-Qaeda which later laid its asps in Iraq which split from mother A-Qaeda to give birth to evil ISIS. (I know all this is too complex for you).

And today Obama completed the evil mission by carrying out policies that is only dismantling the Psyches Picot plan forcing the region to remove secular dictators (which ISIS is also doing) and further advancing more terrorist organizations including a new Caliphate-minded regional superpower—Turkey, which wants to gobble gobble everything in sight and have the United States clear the runway for its evil plan of an empire re-building from the Caucasus to North Africa.

In Obama’s speech tonight, he will tiptoe around the fact that NATO ally Turkey is the gateway for ISIS would-be jihadists who are eager to join the fight in Syria and Iraq. He will not address Turkey’s government and the feeble job of stopping terrorists from entering Turkish borders. He will not address Turkey and why it will not allow the US to use its airbases at Batman and Incirlik.

You will never hear anything in tonight’s talk about training and arming the Christians in Syria and Iraq.

His only plan will be to jabber about some NATO alliance who will do very little and will expect the U.S. to do it all and that he intends to aid the so-called “moderates in the region” when there are none.

It is a fact, that among the president’s most urgent priorities was to seek authorization from Congress to kill Syrian President Bashar Assad and he asked lawmakers earlier this year for a $500 million train-and-equip program to aid the Jihadi FSA (Free Syrian Army), but the plan stalled in Congress, thank God, someone had some sense.

The only feasible plan is to kiss-and-make up with Bashar and the Russians, arm the Christians as Israel did when they aided the Lebanese Falangists to rid Lebanon from the PLO, send troops on the ground and begin the cleanup. There are no other options unless the U.S. wants to work with Iran who will then become a regional hero for killing ISIS which will be for a price: Iraq. Nothing is free except the air we breath and Jesus.

So after all the talk is done, and after you waste your time watching FOX and CNN as to what the so-called president would, could or should do (your better off having a Bible study) in the end, it will be the same old same old, stage some strikes against ISIS until we have a major high death toll here on the home front and then we will do something.

I know, my prediction is not rosy, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too; for Jesus to come and save us, the world must stink till high heaven.