Hamas Leader on Al-Jazeera Claims Global Media Thirsted for Hamas Propaganda

Hamas leader and former Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh appeared on Al-Jazeera recently to talk about what he perceived as a victory (presumably against Israel in Gaza). In his speech, Haniyeh boasted that Hamas won the propaganda war and provided the media with all of the truth it could handle. In fact, Hamas propaganda quenched the media’s thirst for information, according to Haniyeh.

The best part is that Haniyeh actually claimed that Hamas won on the moral front as well. What kind of moral imperative is in place that says rockets should be launched from hospitals, schools, residential areas, and mosques? Better yet, what kind of moral imperative is in place that makes Hamas order civilians back into their residences when IDF flyers are dropped warning them of air strikes?

The truth is that reporters in Gaza are either sympathetic liberals, pro-Hamas to begin with, or intimidated into not crossing a journalistic line.



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