What Every Christian Needs To Know About Bible Prophecy

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Not all Christian persuasions study the subject of Bible Prophecy with more enthusiasm than the Evangelical and the Messianic movements. One Catholic lamented after studying our work asking; why are Catholics less interested in such an important topic, suggesting that it’s about time other Catholics jump on the bandwagon to enrich themselves with what we had to say about the coming ends of days and while many of our Evangelical subscribers were upset asking why we do not expose what they termed Catholic paganism prophesied in the Bible even commenting that we were “Jesuit spies” and “agents of the Vatican” for being so silent on that subject.


While the comments were meant to be slanderous I wondered as to why would some of my Evangelical brothers be upset, especially that we are sharing Prophecy with Catholics? Isn’t sharing Scripture with the Catholic crucial to help him see his error? Does loving Catholics entail only criticizing the Vatican while we ignore sharing whole sections of Scripture that pertain to the threat of Islam which wants to destroy both Catholic and Evangelical?

They always tell me to “shut up” and talk only about my specialty: Islamic terrorism. If this is true, that ISIS and Islam is their main problem, why then refuse to unite with the Catholic in order to fight ISIS?

The truth of the matter is, the war isn’t only against ISIS, but it is also against the Catholic.

The true inner soul is usually revealed in comment lines since these ‘Christians’ were unseen and would say things they would rarely say in public.

It reminded me of the old days in Bethlehem when we hated our Christian school principle (Head Master) for not openly supporting our anti-Israel riots, so we would sneak at the wee hours of the night when its pitch dark and fill the school walls with graffiti proclaiming him a “Zionist spy” hoping that when the daylight begins that the mobs kill him.



You might ask as to what does slandering the Christian school principle have anything to do with Bible Prophecy?

Answer: Everything!

Prophecy isn’t all what you think and the story of Cain killing Abel is the oldest prophecy foretelling slander and murder which still plagues us today. I will show you just what you need to know about Bible Prophecy that will build your wit not to get deceived, so just go the extra mile (you read 10% so far and have 90% to go), it takes some effort to pop some bubbles.

It took decades to realize that my school principle was right to collaborate with the Zionist authorities and that exposing the instigators and violent protesters wasn’t so bad after all. I myself was redeemed the day I decided to spy as a Muslim in order to destroy my wife’s Catholic faith. So I purchased a Bible and snooped around in order to refute her faith and the Bible instead revealed my slandering, murderous and dark inner soul. We all think that we got everything figured out and then God all of the sudden busts our bubbles.

So I decided this week to do some little snooping around to find out more on the Pope’s view on Bible Prophecy as to answer the Catholic who was asking why the Catholic Church lacks in this area, and why he has not heard the Pope speak on the subject. So I plugged “Pope” and “Bible Prophecy” in my search engine and the result hailed a gazillion websites that never discussed the Pope’s views on Bible Prophecy.

No matter how much I tried to refine my search the results were actually exposing the Pope as a collaborator with the devil, so now who ever believes these oodles of books and websites can post a comment on the Vatican’s website that says “Francis is Lucifer’s Spy”.

It was extremely difficult to sift through the multi-colored websites that somehow linked the Pope to all sorts of conspiracies. He was included in a myriad of websites calling for all sorts of destructive behavior promoting fear and apathy. You had your survivalists who called for complete isolation and preparation for doomsday. They were concerned lest we suffer famine. Then there were Tetrads and blood moons. After all, one could easily find verses about “the moon not giving its light” and “there will be famines, wars and rumors of wars …”

Some even had detailed and precise date setting; everything was calculated to a T while somehow all roads led to Rome connecting the papacy in a grand conspiracy with the New World Order, the Bilderberg and the Rockefellers. They all were pitting the Evangelicals against the Catholics as if it were the Hatfields and McCoys all over again. They used endless arguments with some strange combination of conspiracy theories, guesswork and slander ad nauseam.



Most Bible Prophecy books and the majority of Prophecy websites are either plagued with new deceptions or have passed down old traditional theories that stemmed from con artists who concocted their theories by finding verses that match a certain subject they wish to slander. For example, if there is a “round” wafer used in the Roman Catholic mass, deceivers like Alexander Hislop who is neither an archeologist nor historian would apply these scripture verses that speak of pagan worship then use archeology to show that ancient Egyptians worshipped sun discs to even connect Mariology to the worship of the sun god Baal and Samiramis. Ill intended research always disregards how Catholics view the matter, that Jesus is viewed as fulfillment of the very manna given by the Lord from heaven which was also round (Exod. 16:14–15).

A Catholic could argue that the square wafers used in the Protestant communion looks as square as the Muslim Ka’ba and heck even the Tefillin which Jews put on their forehead looks nearly identical to the Ka’ba, and therefore conclude that the Protestant wafer is pagan, as well the Jewish tifillim, regardless that such traditions stem from Jewish practices, the first called the Matza and both are referred to in Scripture. Now I could also argue that since the Tefillin box is not specifically mentioned in Scripture, there is no command to have the Shema (Hera O Israel) in a box, so now, would the Messianic and the Evangelical approach the Jew and tell him he is practicing paganism? But why is it that so many pick on the Catholic?


The rule of thumb in studying prophecy is this; hunting for similarity without looking at the differences is not proof. There needs to always be a legitimate connection.

I could write an entire book declaring Judaism as the Antichrist religion and argue that a Jew putting a Ka’ba looking box on his forehead is the Mark of the Beast.

Deceivers take a few verses like “no one can buy and sell” in regards to the Mark of the Beast to conclude that the verse was speaking about global economy. And so when Scripture says that the “shipmasters at sea will weep and wail Alas that great city” (the harlot city) is destroyed “for no one buys their merchandise any longer,” they would then conclude that this is speaking of a total economic collapse.


The prudent examines scriptural differences from other verses regarding this harlot city. It is then that we find the differences in which neither Rome, New York City or Jerusalem match. Mystery Babylon is in a “desert” surrounded by waters (seas) and it’s by the Red Sea (Jeremiah 49:21) and not the Hudson River. Its imports are “marble” “silk” and even “ivory” and “slaves”.  Neither New York or Rome imports these. The vicinities of this “Babylon” within the context of “Babylon is Fallen is Fallen” in Isaiah 21 mentions “Dumah” “Kedar” and “Arabia”, not Rome or New York City. And just because we find references of “seven mountains” and that Jerusalem is compared to “Sodom and Gomorrah” and we find the Harlot city depicted as “Sodom and Gomorrah” becomes meaningless if we find one single difference in Scripture that does not match.

By avoiding the major differences, con artists, deceivers and the simply mistaken, then proclaim coming Harbingers to follow 9/11’s attack on New York, which include a set of curses upon America that were extrapolated from prophecies regarding ancient Israel (major difference) when God made Israel desolate killing even all the sycamore trees and whatever vines and olive trees throughout the land. So now, if a sycamore tree got destroyed next to the Twin Towers during 9/11 this became a heavenly sign of America’s impending doom, regardless that we still have all of our other sycamore trees intact. Then they transfer the prophecies about Israel to America claiming to an Ahistoric church that the U.S. is the first “Christian Nation” and is the “Extension of Israel” when fact is Armenia and not the United States, historically was the first Christian.

Always examine the historic references they use when history is discussed and examine how reputable these historians are. Make sure that theologians are not passed as historians. If one insists on trusting a theologian as historian because he agrees with his theological view is as if one trusts his pastor to perform his brain surgery. You could end up with a lobotomy.



People need to always think; if this demonic terrorism’s main intent is to “terrorize,” why would the Bible Prophecy gurus aid them using false scare tactics that God removed the hedge of protection from the United States, regardless that America was never mentioned once in Scripture!

One verse which debunks such nonsense is Ezekiel 28:7-8 which mentions that the most powerful nations militarily will be coming against the Antichrist and that these will defeat him including even that these nations will cast the Antichrist into the pit:

“I am going to bring foreigners against you,
 the most ruthless of nations;
 they will draw their swords against your beauty and wisdom
 and pierce your shining splendor. They will bring you down to the pit,
 and you will die a violent death
 in the heart of the seas.”

It was uplifting to see, but sharing this once to the World Net Daily readers gained a litany of negative comments by the majority of comments saying that I do not know what I was talking about, that America “will be doomed”.

Still yet, they insist that America since it was not mentioned by name that it must be gone from the scene of end-times as if the absence of evidence is evidence. There are over a hundred nations that are not mentioned in Scripture and the ones that are mentioned are the ones that God set His eye on to destroy.

Over twenty years of dealing with such nonsense I discovered that quoting scripture means little in the Bible Prophecy world that is so used to lumping verses into abstract thought in which allegory is turned upside down and made literal while literal is turned into allegory and where they find one similarity to make a grand finale.

For example: The harlot of Babylon is a city with seven hills and a verse is quoted saying that this alludes to Rome since it has seven hills, without including the volume of other verses that never described this “Babylon” to anything remotely close to Rome which was a city that the Bible “called to be saints” (Romans 1:7). Neither the itemized imports of this Harlot City mentioned in the Bible, the typography of its geographic descriptions and location (by the Red Sea) or that it is surrounded by waters, or that even the Bible gives its vicinities (“Dumah,” “Kedar,” and “Arabia”) made any difference to these so-called Bible Prophecy “scholars”.

But I owe the Bible Prophecy lobby a confession. Although I have met and shared platforms with the big guns selling misinformation like the street drug-pusher, all the while I addressed the addicts who didn’t really know the little secret I always kept to myself for decades.

Here, I will finally confess and tell it; I was never interested in what people call “Bible Prophecy,” and in fact, I never liked the term. I did use the term since its like saying “crack” to the addict, and I still do in order to infiltrate divide and conquer from within.

Was I dishonest? No.

I spoke throughout the years to people I fervently wanted to heal from the addiction called “Bible Prophecy” in order to help millions recover from the chaotic deception and the divisive hype, but I did it without them realizing that they are kicking the habit since by consuming a more balanced diet which included all the other verses that were sort of ignored or hidden from them by the slick Prophecy teacher. I did this for years and I don’t ever recall meeting a Jesuit Priest.

And there is nothing wrong with being a spy or to use divide and conquer techniques, a Christian is to be as wise as the devil, we can infiltrate error, conquer error and let the word of God be the dividing sword to conquer evil. We should infiltrate the media and whatever avenue to find a way to make enough noise that would even reach to Capitol Hill; America is destined in the end to fight and not to cower for Islam and this Prophecy Mania is not helping but hindering. Most of my work is actually anti-Prophecy-mania debunking misconceptions.



Beware of categorizing Scripture in different charts and compartments sticking chapters and verses into a timetable as if Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83 happens before Armageddon or lumping one quarter of the Bible into a category they call “Bible Prophecy”.

This is as absurd as racial segregation, in which we categorize the Bible as black in one section and white in another, yet there is the yellow … and each must only flock with its own kind, while other chapters that are less popular, or do not fit in our Armageddon scenario, end up in the ghettos.


So we popularize Ezekiel 38 as a Russian war and the two hundred million man army as a Chinese war and Daniel 9 and Daniel 2, as a Roman European war, as if these were a superior race, while the entire theme in Zechariah 9 in which Christ fights Ionia (Turkey) or Isaiah 19 in which Christ fights Muslim Egypt and Ezekiel 28 all the way to 32, which include all the literal names of nations in Antichrist’s coalition of nations would end up in concentration camps, because they do not refer to Europeans, but to Muslims as the enemy.

So instead of Americans throwing the Antichrist and his minions into “the pit”, they threw portions of God’s word into “the pit”.

So much for “All Scripture” which was translated to “Sola Scriptura”.

The real nature of Antichrist became hidden including his spiritual makeup (denies Father and Son, 1 John 2:22) and his harlot riding his back must be the Roman pontificate, of course. And even now, as they began to hear their crowds complaining “what about the Muslims,” so they concocted a combination burrito including Mecca collaborating with Rome all the while God said it was a “city,” a single “city”. They find two babylons, three and even four, just pile up as many babylons to tickle anyone’s ears.

The Pope is an easier pick than the Muslim, for he never proclaims to cut your head off like the Muslim, and there are no heart-plucking cannibals in Catholic territory; these savages were converted by Catholics and now the Catholics need to be converted by reading Harbingers, Left Behind, Woman Rides the Beast and watch ahistoric loons like Michael Rood.

All this is not simply innocent error, but a systematic and deliberate slander and deception. It is difficult to believe that these forgot to read the whole of Scripture to see the differences from Catholicism or to overlook the similar verses that pertain to Muslim territory in context that speaks of the “Day of the Lord” and “Babylon”. It was their perception of Catholic theology that was the dynamo for their theories and not “Scripture alone” as they claimed.

It is also a myth to believe that one fourth of the Bible is prophecy.

Truth is, every word that proceeds from the Holy Spirit of God is Prophecy. In other words, all the stories, themes and declarations in Scripture were prophetic as when God breathed He prophesied, period, amen, Christus Vincet.

It is utterly wrong to say that, “The Bible has prophecies,” no, no, no, Scripture, all Scripture is prophecy.

Even if one looks at the Sermon on the Mount where Christ says blessed are you when they persecute you …” it too was prophecy, the Shepherd was giving His farewell speech and prophesied to His sheep that they were about to become Shish-Kabobs. The sheep were destined to the arena to be mutilated and burned, alive.

And if Jesus said, “If you have faith of a mustard seed, you can tell the mountains to move and they will move” this is also Prophecy, for a mountain is a kingdom and Christ promised His disciples to move mountains which are nations, and indeed they did. And where are we here moving mountains? We are too busy moving around, church hopping, our prayers are over solving marriages by talking about marriage way too much. Maria, my wife, stuck it out because she was raised that putting up with her man was a sacrament. Period. Amen. Christus Vincet.

To me Prophecy is the Bible and the Bible is all Prophecy and all I had to say was “prophecy” when I meant the entire Scripture and they got excited to get their fix while I introduced the Bible as a whole, all of which was prophecy.

And where does Scripture say to teach “Bible Prophecy”?

What ever happened to All Scripture? People who focus on a biblical compartment called Bible Prophecy are in error and the bigger the name of the prophecy teacher and volume of copies they printed, the bigger the error and the more dangerous the teacher.

And no, the sheep was no victim, he too would seek what would tickle his ears and be seduced by deceptive spirits. Bible Prophecy, secluded, if anything generates a lazy and a slanderous sheep.

During my life I was more interested in befriending the kind, the loving, the sacrificial, the honest, the patient with a spiritual stamina and longevity. I would always prefer these over sitting down with the Prophecy icons. I found these to be boring individuals who share an exciting hype and are always looking to promote their names. These would impress by sending the limousine to the airport forgetting that all the wealth they made came from claiming a name of someone who rode a donkey back in my village in Bethlehem.

Even the name “Bethlehem” was in itself prophetic; “Bayt” (House), and “Lehem” (Bread in Hebrew and or Flesh in ancient Aramaic). Indeed, He was our Bethlehem; He was the bread of life and He was the lamb of God (flesh).

The donkey is even prophetic. Jesus used the donkey to be delivered because He came to be humble, meek and lowly in His first coming. And if the donkey delivered Him, He used the lowly to deliver His message. Being the humble donkey myself, I avoided even considering mingling with the popular.



I refused to even read their works and even tossed their privately signed copies of their books in the trash bin were most of it belonged. I would never read certain brilliant geniuses like Steven Hockings, Carl Marx, Rousseau, Galton, Martin Luther or John Calvin. I perused enough of their poison to realize its poison.

Why I reject these is simple; the devil always breeds rebels who rename their rebelliousness as “protests” and paint themselves as “revolutionary thinkers”. These are self-proclaimed “philosophers” and “brilliant prophets” they always tell us to despise the government so they can become themselves the government.

These all want to be Head Master.

And it was:

“For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.” (1 John 3:8)

Even the verse “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil” is prophecy.

The Catholics were right not focus on the Bible Prophecy mania crowd starting from the Great Late Planet Earth to the Left Behind series which created a generation that uses “Bible Prophecy” as if it is a time clock forgetting that Prophecy is about doing God’s work. The devil steals robs and kills. This is what Jesus told us about the devil. He steals Scripture, twists them making them into conspiracy theories and outright slander, then he repackages them for sale since slander and gossip sells. It has risen an entire lazy generation. We complain about Catholic indulgences, yet Bible Prophecy is the sort of indulgences that the laity pay to the author who promises them that soon, they will hit an eject button and they will be with them in paradise.

The Bible itself in 4000 years produced about 400 pages. That is an average of a page every decade. So in every ten years, perhaps we should write one page to see whether we found any signs of the times and give a report and then a thousand pages that exposes stargazers and false prophets.

In ten years, I find that Pope Francis finally said something in his daily homily on the end times declaring for the first time that the end is near. What he said, while its definitely void of any excitement makes absolute good sense saying that faith will be increasingly pushed out of the public square and that persecution of Christians is a “prophecy” of what is to come.

Many would ask; so what’s the big deal about what the Pope said? My Grand Papa can say the same thing.

Well, this is why they call him the Grand Papa; these worked hard and they say very little while the young say much and do very little. The other ‘Grand Papa,’ Pius XII said so little during Hitler’s reign that books way later accused him for saying so little and for not speaking out during the Holocaust and he was falsely given the title “Hitler’s Pope” when in fact he rescued more Jews than any other man known to history all the while he was slandered more than any other man in history. Slanderers make a success at selling books to the foolish masses who buy the toilet paper at the sound of “hear ye, hear ye …”

Which was better; The Protestant who studied about Ezekiel’s Valley of the Dry Bones which prophesied the Holocaust and the soon to be reestablished State of Israel, or the Catholic who rescued Jews and knew little about the Prophecy. The Samaritan who knew much less than the Pharisee was viewed by Christ as the hero who helped the suffering victim on his way to Jericho.


It is because the moral values and obedience to sacraments to a Catholic come before learning when the apocalypse begins. From the Catholic I learned, its what you do and not what you say that counts. Jesus will not say: “For I was hungry and you spoke out and taught Bible Prophecy”.

The Grand Papa Francis then said directing his comments to those gathered in the chapel of the Vatican’s Saint Martha guesthouse for his daily Mass on Nov. 28, reflecting on the day’s reading taken from the Gospel of Luke, in which Jesus speaks of the trials and tribulations that will precede the end times, the pontiff explained that when the Lord refers to this in another passage, “he tells us that it will be a desecration of the temple.”

 It will be “a profanation of the faith, of the people,” he continued, and “it will be an abomination, it will be desolation and abomination.”

“What does this mean?” the Pope asked the Mass attendees, responding, “It will be like the triumph of the prince of this world: the defeat of God.”

Indeed, Grand Papas are boring. Francis did not discuss the Temple Institute in Jerusalem and the Red Heifer and the golden artifacts. For decades people got all excited that a heifer was raised to later find out it did not qualify because God chose a white strand on its forehead, which deemed the Heifer only good for hamburger.

But everybody got excited. Indeed, there are many temples, the body, the Church and the physical temple.

“It seems at that final moment of calamity, it seems like he will take over this world, he will master of the world,” the pontiff observed, adding that in that time we will become aware this apparent victory over God would be more devastating than a great natural disaster.

 These worldly powers which seek to destroy God, noted the Pope, also manifest in the contemporary desire to keep religion as “a private thing,” alluding to the fact that today many religious symbols have become taboo.

 “You must obey the orders which come from worldly powers. You can do many things, beautiful things, but not adore God. Worship is prohibited. This is at the center of the end of time.”

Indeed, and if I may add, the hatred of religious symbols and Christian icons.

Once we “reach the fullness of this pagan attitude,” the Pope continued, “then yes, he will come…’ truly the Son of Man will come in a cloud with great power and glory.’”

 Christians who “suffer times of persecution, times of prohibition of worship” because of their beliefs, are a prophecy of what will happen to us all,” he emphasized.

Speaking of the prophet Daniel in the first reading who was thrown into the lion’s den because he refused to denounce his faith, Pope Francis encouraged those in attendance not to be afraid, saying that God “only asks of us faithfulness and patience.” 

“Fidelity like Daniel, who was faithful to his God and adored God until the end. And patience, because the hairs of our heads will not fall out. The Lord has promised this.”

 Urging those present at the Mass to continue reflecting throughout the week on this “general apostasy” which “is called the prohibition of worship,” the Pope challenged them to ask themselves “Do I worship the Lord?”

 “Do I adore Jesus Christ, the Lord? Or, a little half and half, do I in some way play game of the prince of this world?”

 “Worship until the end,” the Pope concluded, “with confidence and fidelity: this is the grace we must ask for this week.” (Vatican City, Nov 28, 2013 / 10:34 am (CNA/EWTN News).

So, maybe in 10 years he will perhaps say “don’t take the mark of the beast …” Catholics wait on authority, while most of the Bible Prophecy mania crowd become authority.

In realty what that Catholic was subconsciously saying is that Catholics and Evangelicals need to study Prophecy not Prophecy Mania.

Prophecy is to be handled by a handful few and not by everyone with Bible in hand and access to the Internet:

“The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, turning a person from the snares of death.” (Proverbs 13:14)

I was always perceived as a Bible Prophecy bug while many others thought I was simply a loon. The later is my preference since no one seeks to kill loons and they receive quite the psychiatric attention too. It was rather encouraging to see that I am even listed on a website called Loon Watch with others like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, both Catholics, perhaps not perfect Catholics, but perhaps men who try to seek wisdom are always lumped by the fool as “agents of the devil”.

And while the scoffers mock. I look at these images, icons, art, liturgy and I hear a voice from the everlasting that grips my spirit. What a difference does the pure sounds do to one’s inner soul. There lays Hagia Sophia, occupied by devils who hung their banners and etched their blasphemies against God in the Temple of God. But no matter what the devil does, its walls utters prophecies which echoes through wonderful liturgy as if it cries out to the Father awaiting the Son to come down from heaven and deliver her from her shackles:

Come Quickly.

Christus Vincet.