Megyn Kelly Traps ‘Moderate’ Muslim

Harris Zafar is supposed to represent the moderate face of Islam. He is from a minority sect known as Ahmadiyya which bills itself as another one of those Muslim ‘reformist’ groups. Zafar has been on Megyn Kelly’s show multiple times and most recently, to discuss Yale’s decision to allow Ayaan Hirsi Ali to speak there.

For some reason, ‘moderate’ voices of Islam always seem to trap themselves. Zafar was no exception. His exchange with Kelly really highlights the sort of double-mindedness found in proponents of Islam who want to portray themselves as moderates. You’re encouraged to watch the entire video below but the exchange with Zafar starts at the 4:00 mark.

On one hand, Zafar wants viewers to know that he’s not opposed to allowing Hirsi Ali to speak and insists that he defends her right to do so. Sounds moderate, right? Check.

Then Zafar said he found it “surprising” that Yale would invite someone who espouses a “dangerous interpretation of Islam” to speak there. At that point, Kelly catches Zafar, who reverts back to saying he defends Ali’s right to speak. Had Zafar said he disagreed with Ali but defends her right to speak, it would have been something else entirely. Zafar is actually belittling the University for inviting her. At one point, Kelly gets quite animated, obviously agitated at the deceptive brand of hypocrisy (h/t BNI):

Earlier this year, during the fighting between Hamas and Israel in Gaza, Kelly had Zafar on her show to discuss Hamas tactics and goals. Note that Zafar condemns the “nefarious” actions of Hamas (‘nefarious’ is actually a bit too nice) but still seeks that moral equivalency.

It is interesting because representatives of other Islamic groups in the U.S. who seek to portray themselves as ‘moderate’ have typically been derailed anytime they’re asked if they will condemn Hamas or Hezbollah. Zafar went further than those groups have gone in the past but the outright condemnation of Hamas is what’s missing here.

Not sure if it’s Kelly’s decision to continue having Zafar on her program but it seems to be working out for the best.

Keep talking, Harris!

Here’s to more appearances on the Kelly File!

Perhaps Kelly’s producers would be interested in having a former Muslim – Walid Shoebat – opposite Zafar in an upcoming segment.


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