ISIS Recruiting People on Public Buses in Turkey and Claim Police are Helping them

In a video posted to the ISIS twitter account (yes, ISIS has a twitter account), a man wearing an ISIS shirt can be seen recruiting people on a bus in Turkey in broad daylight. The text in the tweet above the video says:

“Our supporters can freely hang out in Istanbul streets, recruit poor people from suburbs & police will only help.”

There you have it. In Turkey, police will help ISIS recruit people (h/t Jawa):


In the U.S., there have been at least two sightings of men donning ISIS apparel in Houston. Police don’t seem to be making a big deal about that either – at least not publicly. That’s certainly not to say that local U.S. police are helping ISIS recruit poor people from the suburbs.

In another post, ISIS retweeted a photo of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sporting a long beard. The accompanying text says,

“A bond which cannot be broken! Sheikh Erdogan & will wipe out Shia & Kurdy! I will complete Sheikh Saddam’s mission!”



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