Senator Ted Cruz right that Nuclear Iran Bigger Threat than ISIS but what about Turkey and Muslim Brotherhood?

To his credit, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was one of a handful of Senators who voted against an amendment to arm Syria’s rebels. As revealed, at least one Syrian opposition lobbying group has extensive connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Cruz: Iran a bigger threat than ISIS.

Cruz: Iran a bigger threat than ISIS.

However, Cruz recently asserted in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon that a nuclear Iran poses a greater threat than ISIS:

“As grave as the threat from ISIS is, in my view the most significant threat to U.S. national security remains the threat of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons capability,” said Cruz. “The incoherence of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy will come to full flower if the peril of ISIS is used as an excuse to further appease Iran and facilitate their acquiring nuclear weapon capability.”

He added that “everything President Obama and Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have done have increased the chances of Iran acquiring nuclear weapon capability, and have perversely increased the chances of future military conflict.”

While Cruz has not said whether he will run for president in 2016, his response to one question suggested that the possibility is on his mind.

“What should a strong president do [to prevent a nuclear Iran]? Well number one, I’ve introduced legislation in the Senate, comprehensive Iran sanctions legislation that demonstrates the direction I believe we should be taking,” said Cruz.

When isolating the contrast between a nuclear Iran vs. ISIS, Cruz may be right but what about the broader inter-connectivity between ISIS and the much larger Muslim Brotherhood umbrella? When it comes to infiltration of the U.S. Government and homeland, Iran has made nowhere near the gains that the Brotherhood has.

Consider the example of Qatar; that country is a hotbed of Muslim Brotherhood-inspired terrorism. The leader of Hamas – Khaled Meshaal – and the spiritual leader of the Brotherhood – Yusuf al-Qaradawi – have been given safe harbor there.

At this year’s annual U.S.-Islamic World Forum (US-IWF) in Doha, an event co-sponsored by the nation of Qatar and the Brookings Institute, former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson called for better relations between U.S. and Iran. Why would she do this?

According to the premise Cruz is operating from, it’s to appease Iran so that it will help in the fight with ISIS. The evidence has increasingly shown that Qatar is actually supporting ISIS, as has reported on extensively. Here is one document of several that help prove it:


For one thing, relations between Qatar and Iran are thawing as well. As Patterson was calling for the U.S. to have better relations with Iran while speaking from a podium in Qatar, the AFP was reporting on an increasingly collaborative relationship between Qatar and Iran. Much of this is attributable to the increasingly strained relationship between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Iran is a Shiite nation that still has a spot on the State Department list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. Qatar is a Sunni nation that doesn’t occupy the list but should.

While Cruz is absolutely right to be concerned about a nuclear Iran, saying that it poses a bigger threat than ISIS while factual, avoids a much larger dynamic. That dynamic includes the growing strength of the Muslim Brotherhood and its alliance with Turkey.

Iran is rightly identified as a terror state. Turkey and Qatar are wrongly identified as allies. Worse, Turkey remains a NATO ally.

Cruz explained his vote against arming the Syrian opposition thusly:

He criticized the idea of arming Syria’s anti-Assad rebels, saying that many of them were allied with ISIL, and the Obama administration had not provided a clear plan on how to keep the weapons from falling into the hands of terrorist groups.

Cruz also defended his opposition to U.S. military action against the Syrian regime last summer.

“Had the administration gotten what it wanted last summer, there’s a very real chance ISIS would be stronger today than it is right now,” said Cruz.

Again, Cruz is right but focusing on ISIS is like focusing on a tentacle of a hydra. It’s a hydra that is within our walls. Focusing on that gets one closer to seeing it as a threat to the homeland on par with a nuclear Iran.


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