The ISIS MANIFESTO: What Every American Needs To Know About ISIS Plan To Kill ‘Ten Million Americans’

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

An Isis spokesman has posted a call to arms for Muslims around the world to kill American, Canadian and European citizens for their governments’ role in a coalition against ISIS. But what the average American is unaware of are the ISIS more shocking Islamic injunctions that permit Muslims everywhere to carry out killings by ordering them to cause as much as ten million American casualties which we included training videos that circulates the social media for use by the Muslim community under the nose of the FBI which they refuse to do anything about.

And while the average American got used to learning what Jihad meant, there is more shocking Islamic jurisprudence needed in order to understand what is at hand which circulates the social media to prepare Muslims to do indiscriminate killing of Americans. For the first time, perhaps Americans can see such rules of engagement regarding Jihad Al-Radi’ (Repulse Jihad) and Jihad Tabyeet (Jihad by perfecting the killing methods). Here, enter the world of American slumber, whether by naïveté or by design, you decide.

Following Australia’s largest terror raids and France’s first air strikes on ISIS, spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani ash-Shami called on supporters to launch insider attacks on western populations:

“If you can kill a disbelieving American or European – especially the spiteful and filthy French – or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever … including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be,”

He added:

“You will not be safe, even in your own bedrooms while you sleep. Your Crusader campaign will fail. You will pay the price and we will hit you on your home front in a way that will cripple you to never extend your long arm ever again.” (see minute 18:50)

This is what ISIS declared its 42-minute speech released on social media.

So where does the Fatwa and Islamic injunction calling for such killing come from and to what extent of destruction is ISIS and their supporters demanded to do? has translated more of the horrifying and extremely disturbing content of the Fatwa used by ISIS written in full by Nasr Al-Fahd, a Saudi theologian calling for the complete annihilation of the United States. reviewed the 26 page Fatwa [link here] which was never translated for public study by the government showing the true colors of Islam including that such killing has already began.

The inception of this Fatwa began when terrorists wrote the scholar requesting a Fatwa on the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Nasr Al-Fahd responds:

“Peace, mercy and blessings of God. It is no secret what was published in the media about the intention to hit America with weapons of mass Destruction. So what is the Fatwa ruling for the Mujahideen to use these? Is it permissible at all? Is it the Mother of necessity? … This issue, needs a complete message; and gathering from evidence and scholarly sources to the question regarding The House of War and how to practice Jihad-u-Dafi’ (Repulse Jihad) and the meaning of destruction of crops including reproduction of life (children) religiously, and so on which I will collect what was given by Allah’s will”. (Page 2)

In what Islam calls Repulse Jihad, which is basically using weapons of mass destruction, which was known in Islamic warfare, to put a complete stop and end of the enemy once and for all. ISIS then gives the response:

“If the infidels cannot be repulsed from the Muslims except by resorting to using such weapons, then it may be used even if it killed and wiped them out completely including decimating their crops and their descendants. I will include the details in my letter I mentioned. Therefore the question is asked and the answer is given and the matter is closed and concluded. (see Page #2)”

The letter and the details is what every ISIS leader carries on his laptop and is what is disseminated to their operatives globally. But its also quite widespread on the social network media in Arabic and that laptop discovery should not be shocking at all. It is what ISIS uses as well as several Jihadi networks who post the teachings for general public use for all Muslims residing in western societies.

On page 5, what westerns do not understand when they ask “why” and “what type of human being can kill indiscriminately”, ISIS explains the first lesson in such killing is that its what they term Ihsan, in English, it is “The act of kindness and charity”.

أن الأصل في القتل الإحسان:
فقد ثبت في الصحيح عن شداد بن أوس رضي الله عنه قال: قال رسول الله صلى

الله عليه وسلم: (إن الله كتب الإحسان على كل شيء؛ فإذا قتلتم فأحسنوا القتلة، وإذا ذبحتم فأحسنوا الذبحة، وليحد أحدكم شفرته وليرح ذبيحته).

In English:

“It was shown in Sahih … the Prophet said “Allah wrote everything we need to know about Ihsan (kindness) so if you kill perfect your killing and if you slaughter, perfect your slaughter and sharpen your blade and comfort your sacrifice” (also see Hadith Muslim 107/13)

What ISIS sees from their perspective is that killing Americans is an act of mercy:

“Ibn Rajab said regarding Allah’s mercy in his collection on science and governance, p 112: “in charity it is permissible to kill people and animals in the easiest way and do not increase in the torture and the easiest method to kill a human being is to strike off the neck with the sword of violence in accordance to the Quran when “you meet the unbelievers then strike off their necks”(Quran) “فإذالقيتمالذينكفروافضربالرقاب” and it also said: “I will spread horror/terror in the hearts of the unbelievers, smite above their necks and smite there fingertips thereof” (see Page 5)

The act of killing the infidel is an act of mercy in Islam in which the unbeliever is treated like a sacrificial offering to Allah.

On page 8, the ISIS manifesto discusses the Fatwa on using weapons of mass destruction to permit the killing of Ten Million Americans:

القسم الأول: أدلة خاصة لعصر معين ولعدو معين:
وذلك مثل حال أمريكا في هذا الزمن؛ فإن مسألة ضربها بهذه الأسلحة جائز بدون ذكر أدلة القسم الثاني التالية (أدلة المشروعية العامة)؛ لأن الله سبحانه يقول (وإن عاقبتم فعاقبوا بمثل ما عوقبتم به)، ويقول تعالى: (فمن اعتدى عليكم فاعتدوا عليه بمثل ما اعتدى عليكم)، ويقول تعالى: (وجزاء سيئة سيئة مثلها)، والناظر في اعتداءات أمريكا على المسلمين وأراضيهم خلال العقود الماضية يخلص إلى جواز ذلك بالاستناد إلى باب (المعاملة بالمثل) فقط؛ بدون حاجة إلى ذكر الأدلة الأخرى، وقد جمع بعض الإخوة عدد قتلاهم من المسلمين بأسلحتهم المباشرة وغير المباشرة فوصل العدد إلى قريب من عشرة ملايين، وأما الأراضي التي أحرقتها قنابلهم ومتفجراتهم وصواريخهم فلا يحصيها إلا الله، وآخر ما عايناه ما حصل في أفغانستان والعراق، وهذا غير ما سببت حروبهم على كثير من المسلمين من التشرد، فلو ألقيت عليهم قنبلة تهلك منهم عشرة ملايين، وتحرق من أراضيهم قدر ما أحرقوا من أراضي المسلمين كان هذا جائزا بلا حاجة إلى ذكر أي دليل آخر، وإنما
الأدلة الأخرى قد نحتاجها لو أردنا أن نهلك منهم أكثر من هذا العدد!!


Section I: evidence for an age to use specific weapons for a particular enemy:
And so like if America at this time; the issue to hit with these weapons [mass destruction] is permissible without mentioning the evidence of the second section the following (evidence of general legality); because Allah Almighty says “to punish in similar fashion as you were afflicted”, and the Almighty says “Attack who attacks you in similar ways as you were attacked,” and the Almighty says “Pay evil with evil,” so the observer sees American aggression on Muslims and their lands during the past decades concludes the permission to use aggression with reciprocity only as has been collected by some of the brothers the number of dead from amongst the Muslims with their weapons of direct and indirect, methods to bring the number close to ten million. And as for the lands that [America] burned with their bombs and their explosives and rockets not one can enumerate except Allah, and whatever else happened in Afghanistan and Iraq, and this is what caused the wars on many of the Muslims causing homelessness. So if bomb is launched at them that will kill ten million of them, and it will burn their land as much as they burned the Muslim lands this is therefore permissible without the need to mention any other evidence, but other evidence may be needed if we are to perish of them more than this number!

In ISIS view the Muslim is to avenge for all Muslim deaths including even Hiroshima and Nagasaki to avenge all the killings caused by the United States using nuclear bombs.

(Photo of Nasr Al-Fahd)

(Photo of Nasr Al-Fahd)

fahd1 copy

fahd1 copy

English: The Message Regarding The Ruling For Using Weapons of Mass Destruction Against the Unbelievers

fahd2 copyFahd3 copy

In the “Message Regarding The Ruling For Using Weapons of Mass Destruction” ISIS gives the evidence from Islamic ruling in what Americans need to begin to learn more about, the Islamic teaching of Tabyeet. It is derived from several jurisprudence. For example, Al-Bahutti from his work titled Kashf Al-Qina’ (Removing The Veil) #3/49:

“And so it is allowed to throw at them, that is the Kafirs [unbelievers] with fire, snakes, scorpions while using the catapults. It is also permissible to smoke them, open water on them in order to drown them, destroy their buildings on top of them. Since in the meaning of Tabyeet is that if you kill, do it well …And it is permissible to kill them therefore even if amongst them are women and children since this is included in Tabyeet

There is much more to translate from this 26 page document littered with horrific declarations and is strictly pointing to the United States from mass killing to spreading disease to utter destruction of human life in masse.

It takes pages to provide all the rulings from the top Muslim jurisprudence. One example is from Al-Sarkhasi #4111/1:

” قال السرخسي نقلا عن محمد بن الحسن (شرح السير الكبير 4111/1):
(قال: ولا بأس للمسلمين أن يحرقوا حصون المشركين بالنار، أو يغرقوها بالماء، وأن ينصبوا عليها المجاني ، وأن يقطعوا عنهم الماء، وأن يجعلوا في مائهم الدم والعذرة والسم حتى يفسدوه
عليهم، لأنا أمرنا بقهرهم وكسر شوكتهم؛”


“Sarkhasi said, quoting Muhammad ibn al-Hasan in his “The Explanation of the Major Hadith” #4111/1:
He said: “There is nothing wrong for Muslims to burn the infidels fortresses with fire, or to drown them with water and poison them and cut off their water, and to make their water bitter by pouring blood and menstrual blood and poison until they spoil it for them because we were ordered to belittle them and to break their unity”

So many were the references from top Muslim juresprudence is used from Islamic Sharia and we will mention but few like Ibin Hazm #311/6 (ابن حزم في (المحلى 311/6) to justify destroying farm lands, crops, trees . Al-Rahibani #641 (الرحيباني في مطالب ا641) Ibn Qadameh Al-Mughni #431/5 (ابن قدامة (المغني and Sana’ani in his “The Way To Peace” (431/5) ,   قال الصنعاني في (سبل السلام 64/1) in which the Prophet of Islam justified the complete burning of the palm trees of the Jewish tribe of Banu Nazeer. Even Muslims, their blood is permissible to shed regardless so long they live in the United States. The Fatwa sited Al-A’badi from his Al-Jawhara Al-Nayira (The Bright Jewel) #218/2 (العبادي الحنفي (الجوهرة النيرة 218/2. (See page 25 in the Fatwa).

The laptop which this manifesto was found which was seized from an Isis base in Syria contains plans to launch devastating terror attacks also contains instructions on how to build explosives, use disguises to travel undetected, and plans to build chemical weapons.

“The advantage of biological weapons is that they do not cost a lot of money, while the human casualties can be huge,” a document retrieved from the computer stated.

But such finds are nothing new. In fact, recently, sent out an SOS regarding such plans posted on Youtube which they (Youtube) refused to delete. These plans included how to execute them with full detail step-by-step videos not only on bomb making, rocket making and how to kill and destroy life and infrastructure but on how to step-by-step methods to manufacture RDX and C4 very highly explosives including 82 detailed complete lessons on how to manufacture RPG rockets from beginning to end including the launchers and Qassam rockets, the type that is lobbed by Hamas on Israel. We even asked THE CITIZEN (you) to flag and warn and call the FBI ( and fight to remove this evil, but to no avail. In our report, we even showed a glimpse of what we were revealing:

Even how to use cellphones:

But all this is only a fraction of what we found for terror aid, that Youtube allows.

It is only a matter of time before the killings will commence at a higher scale, but as usual, we are only called after the fact to come and give our views to the stupid (conservative and liberal) American media which has not yet learned that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

**UPDATE at 6:22am EST on September 25, 2014**
Dick Morris, who has a talk show on 1210 WPHT in Philadelphia, found Walid’s recent article on the ISIS manifesto which reveals an agenda that includes murdering ‘ten million Americans’. Dick then had Walid on to discuss it: