So Many Noses Are Cut and Millions Raped By Muslims While The West Still Lives in Collective Denial

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

When the Holocaust was happening
Only a few reported
Only a few acted
While the world was in collective denial

But only when the world was finally affected
By that same menace the Jews were afflicted
Only then they cared
Yet they only cared about their own survival

Such is the world filled with cowards who only act to save their own skins, but such is hell, when the Lord sends them into utter darkness where they will suffer worse torments they so much feared on earth.

The Coward Will Not Inherit the Kingdom of God. (Revelation 21:8)

That is what God forewarned us all.

Will we heed the warning?

The BBC reported that police in central Afghanistan are searching for a man who allegedly cut off part of his wife’s nose with a kitchen knife”

Afghan women cuts another woman’s nose off her face

“The woman, thought to be 20, is in hospital. Officials say the man has reportedly assaulted his wife before. Although such mutilation is rare in Afghanistan, reports of violence against women are increasing. Last year the country’s Human Rights Commission said violence against women rose by almost 25%, compared with 2012 … “The husband cut his wife’s nose with a kitchen knife,” said Muhammad Ali Atai of the Provincial Crime Branch in Daykundi. ‘ and another case in which a husband removed his wife’s fingernails’ Zakia Rizai, the head of Daykundi’s Women’s Affairs Department, told the BBC that the woman had been the victim of severe domestic violence in the past.

The BBC adds “One reason behind the increase could be that more women are reporting abuse and the media is more likely to report their cases. But analysts say many such crimes involving domestic violence still go unreported.”

When the BBC states “Cases of women being mutilated by male relatives are rare in Afghanistan but not unknown”, they sound confusing. It is not that “rare” and Perhaps they might want to see this:
















And these are but a few examples. Perhaps the BBC needs to put “Honor Killing” in a Google search engine.

But perhaps the truth is that the BBC are still plagued with the fear of being called racist:

Muslim Gangs Rape 1,400 Children In Great Britain And The AUTHORITIES Say NOTHING Out Of Fear Of Being Labeled “RACIST”

1400? That is only what we know from what is reported in Great Britain alone.

The BBC should search and see that almost every day and for years we reported hundreds of such cases. Here is but a glimpse on what we reported this month alone:

Muslims Take 1.5 MILLION Homeless Children, And Rape Ninety Percent Of Them, Young Boys And Girls

Notice the number BBC, 1.5 MILLION in which 90% are raped and molested. This is over ONE MILLION children in Pakistan alone. What about the rest of the Muslim world? How many million upon million must suffer until these cowardly media and the whole world acknowledge their sin?

Here, see the horror we reported in just one month:

Muslims Kidnap Young Girl, Put Her In Shackles, Take Her To A Room, And Beat And Rape Her For Weeks

ISIS Jihadists Behead Men In Front Of Their Wives, And Then Rape Their Wives, They Enter Christian Home And Force The Mother And Daughter To Be Their Wives

ISIS Rapes Three Year Old Girls In An Open Market, And Forces Women To Divorce Their Husbands So They Can Be Sold Into Sex Slavery

Woman Married To Muslim Man: “I Was Raped Hundreds Of Times”

Three Pagans Enter Monastery, Take Three Elderly Nuns, Rape Them And Then Stab Them All To Death

Muslim Tells Christian Family To Convert To Islam, When They Say No, He Takes Their Toddler, And Rapes Her So Brutally That She Needs 5 Surgeries To Survive

An ISIS Escapee Tells Of The Horrors Of Mass Rape In One Concentration Camp (Video Testimony)

Six Muslim Men Dress As Police Officers, Take Pregnant Woman, And Gang Rape Her In The Middle Of A Public Street

Six Muslim Men Dress As Police Officers, Take Pregnant Woman, And Gang Rape Her In The Middle Of A Public Street

Four Muslim Men Take 13 Year Old Boy, Throw Him Into A Car, And Gang Rape Him

But the cowardly refuse to accept “I will put enmity between you (the devil) and the woman …”.

But its not perhaps, but when, we do not know, the whole world will finally acknowledge the God who proceeded from the woman’s seed will finally crush the devil and scoop all the cowards into the pit of hell with him.

P.S, This article was written by the help of my beloved wife, Maria Shoebat who is the one behind much of the research I use and get all the credit for.

Confession is the beginning of healing.

Lord, thanks for Eve, but many more thanks for Mother Mary.

Now I am in bigger trouble!