Support For ISIS Is Growing And World War III Looms On The Horizon

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Some headlines are saying that the moderate Muslims who supported the Free Syrian Army rebels are now turning on the U.S. and are demonstrating all throughout Syria and the Middle East. They are all of the sudden shouting slogans against US-led coalition.

The regular American Joe reads the headlines and is confused asking: “I don’t get it, why would the Syrians we supported and who also supported the Free Syrian Army against Bashar be angry at us when we are fighting the very terrorists like ISIS and Nusra who were killing them and had carried out untold horrors against them?”

Joe is always asking who is who and why? Joe wants a simple explanation to what he sees daily on TV, except that he is not getting straight answers.

I don’t blame Joe. For example, what can Joe understand when he reads the Wall Street Journal which says:

Demonstrations against the U.S. and its Arab allies and those collaborating with them swept through rebel-held areas in Syria on Friday. Anger over the U.S. decision to target the militant Nusra Front in its air campaign against Islamic State—and to spare the regime of Bashar al-Assad and its allies—spurred protests after Friday prayers, a rebel practice that has dwindled since the peaceful uprising against Mr. Assad in March 2011 gradually gave way to a brutal civil war. Protests erupted in more than 40 towns and villages across Syria.”

And the American Joe is confused what to make of this piece of news. How could the “rebel practice dwindle” against Bashar especially when the U.S. is trying to make way for them to continue the revolution after they take out their enemy, Nusra and ISIS?

And why shouldn’t Joe be confused? After all, Joe is rarely given the key to understand that there is no difference between the “rebel” who is the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda or even ISIS, these are all cut from the same cloth. And while they fight each other they are simply fighting over one simple issue: A) Caliphate Now or B) Caliphate Later.

Here, let me explain ISIS for dummies. ISIS says:

Establish Caliphate Now And Kill Bashar Later.

The so-called “moderate rebel forces” or what is known as The Free Syrian Army (FSA) which the U.S. supported simply says this:

Kill Bashar Now And Establish Caliphate Later.

That’s it.

Its like your wife tells you to take the TRASH out NOW before you watch football and you counter that you will WATCH FOOTBALL NOW and take out the trash later. Either decision makes zero difference when it comes to Joe’s love for football.

Why isn’t the American told how simple the Middle East really is, and instead is told that the issues are so complicated. The regular Joe instead rummages through worthless newspapers to try to figure things out. The key to understand the moderate Muslim warrior is also simple: “Give Us Weapons Now And We Will Kill Americans Later,” where the Muslim extremist warrior says:”We Kill All of You Now”.

I found this stupid headline from the Daily Star which says: “US-led strikes pressure Nusra to join with ISIS”

Really? How does the U.S. pressure Nusra to join ISIS?

I mean for Peet’s sake, when will western media explain what the Middle East says in Arabic for a change. In the Arab street its simple: “I and my brothers will always fight against my cousins and I and my cousins will always fight against the strangers”.

Indeed, especially when it comes to the western Crusader pig! Just translate “Monkeys and Pigs” from English to Arabic using Google Translate and search the images.

The Daily Star should title its article to simply say “Nusra Says That They Are Aiding Their Cousins ISIS Against The Crusader Pig”.

And finally Joe gets it. Joe then will post comments for the Daily Star that says something simple: let them all kill each other. Joe will also then get along with his next door liberal neighbor for being anti-war and let the dictators in the Middle East be and we will all shout “long live Assad” and “long live Putin”. And if Obama wants to bring an influx of Mexicans, thats fine, Joe would call to bring all the Christians out of the Middle East and America will boom.

Yet we spend so much time surfing the Internet looking for so-called experts to tell us how things work in the Middle East. Explaining the western media is also simple and is why that when it comes to surfing the news about the Muslim world is like surfing the waves on the beach in which a fisherman tells you to look out, that he has been fishing these waters all his life and its infested with great white sharks. So you lay under the shade of your surfboard until a marine biologist runs into you asking why your not in the water and you tell him what the fisherman said. So then he gives you a long lecture on the shark and explains its complex behavior and how it sometimes thinks you are a seal and it really never intended to harm you and he explains why you should get into the water after giving you complex statistics from all over the world to show that an attack by sharks is rare since sharks hate the taste of human blood. Thats exactly what they told me in diving school.

But I was a fool listening to liberal expert marine biologists. I finally wised up and listened to the simple fisherman.

Life is really more simple than you think, and so it is in the Middle East. Trusting the Muslim “moderates” as result of trusting Middle East experts, is the same as trusting the shark who tells you that today he is only interested in seals and perhaps tomorrow he might have a taste for human blood.

So here, let me take you on a surfing tour to show you how sharks behave in shark infested waters explained by a simple fisherman like myself whose been there and done that.

In the next video you will see demonstrators with the index finger (sabbabah) aiming upwards. This is simple to explain, they damn the Trinity and insist that Allah is unique one and that western Christians are pigs since you are what you eat, literally. So you can tell that this type of shark while it hates pigs, it does not mind drinking its blood.

They are crying out: “we want an Islamic state”. These were the ones who supported ousting Bashar now and to later establish an Islamic State after the Americans give them the necessary weapons. But now that they see the American is slowly waking up and decided to not give them weapons, and is now indiscriminately bombing Nusra and ISIS, they begin to think. They are not stupid, so they proclaim as ISIS does and shout “we want buckets of liver and blood now”.

This is why I have been saying that once the U.S. did what it did in 2011 by dismantling secular governments, that the cat is out of the box and Islam is in and the only way to defeat it is World War III.

Here, take a look at this demonstration at Silqeen, Syria in which the flags are Syrian and are not even the typical ISIS black flag, but loud the volume and listen to what they are chanting:

They chant “Labayk Labayk Labayk Ya Allah”. “Labayk” means we “We Give Allegiance” and “Ya Allah” means “to Allah”. “We give allegiance to Allah” not secularism and freedom as you used to think.

Streets speak volumes. The Syrians want Jihad and is why God in Isaiah 17 blows up Damascus to oblivion.

Now you can begin to see the war looming on the horizon.

They finally woke up and realized that the American is no longer being fooled and do not want to support them since the American now understands that ousting Bashar wasn’t a great idea after all.

These are the folks whom Obama wants to support.

In another demonstration at Houleh, Syria, they are simpler, there they say we want Caliphate now:

In Houleh they are chanting “Al-Sha’b Yureed Al-Dawla Al-Islamiyeh” (The people want The Islamic State)
In Yemen they are crying out “Khaybar Khaybar Ya Yahud” (Jews, we remind you of Khaybar). The Jews in their views are the monkeys, of course.

In conclusion, what the US-led Arab alliance against ISIS will accomplish is this: An explosion for the Islamic Caliphate unlike any time in recent history which is about to erupt at any moment now. The big hammerheads, the Turks (Caliphate Later) know it and the Iranians know it (Mahdi Later) and they are on standby to scoop much flesh after ISIS (Caliphate Now) completes its mission. And while the U.S. will loose in the short run to only understand in few years that they need a few wrecking balls to destroy what they caused.

Here are your friends burning the American flag:

So where are we so far after the alliance with the Arab regimes to dash ISIS?

Sixty Kurdish villages have been lost to ISIS.

ISIS is stretching to the borders of Turkey.

Syrian tribes are joining ISIS by the droves.

Demonstrations all over Syria in support of ISIS and Nusra.

FSA (Free Syrian Army) troops are joining ISIS by the droves.

Popular anger in the Gulf against the alliance.

And you see here, we have sharks from the orient:


Being a shark is not about skin color or having slanted eyes, its about your hate for pig meat while you enjoy drinking its blood. Americans need to stop thinking ISIS and start thinking Islam and Caliphate. From Indonesia and even China’s Xinjiang, the desire to establish a Caliphate is growing daily and World War III looms on the horizon.