Muslim Immigrants Attack non-Muslim Girl

In the micro, these despicable Muslim immigrant thugs smacked, beat, punched, and kicked a non-Muslim girl who is a citizen of the Netherlands. As the video points out, this is an ever growing problem in that country.

In the macro, the one politician who sees the problem clearly and is trying to get something done about it – Geert Wilders – is still having to spend his time fighting his intransigent colleagues. A bit later in the video below, you will see Wilders doing battle with his country’s Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

If ever there were an example that demonstrates Churchill vs. Chamberlain, it’s Wilders vs. Rutte. It never ceases to amaze the extent to which the vast majority of politicians will live in denial without realizing they’re ultimately on the menu. The denial exhibited by Rutte is on full display in the U.S. as well.

As is the case in the Netherlands, politicians who see the problem and are willing to confront it are rare: posted Wilders’ fiery speech on the floor of Parliament that clearly had to make Rutte’s denial more difficult.

h/t Jihad Watch


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