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Homosexual MAN Murders Eight Of His Male “Lovers” For The Sake Of “Mercy”

By Theodore Shoebat A homosexual activist named David Mixner has admitted to murdering eight of his male “lover” as an act of “mercy.” This is yet another reason why the homosexual agenda, and homosexuality as a whole, needs to be banished out outlawed through the authority of the Bible. As we read one report: In […]

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Spanish Government Reveals Plot By ISIS To Use Ebola As A Weapon Against Westerners

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Spain has revealed a plot by jihadists connected with ISIS to use ebola as a weapon against westerners and their other enemies, as one report reads: Spain’s state secretary for security, Francisco Martínez, has told Congress that jihadists with connections to the extremist force Isis have discussed on internet […]

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Man In England Makes A Joke About Muslims, Then Gets Arrested And Charged With “Causing Racially Aggravated Harassment”

By Theodore Shoebat An Englishman made a joke about Muslims in an airport only to find himself arrested and charged with “causing racially aggravated harassment”, according to one report: A pensioner was arrested by armed police and faced racism charges for six months after he told airport security he was not Muslim when asked to […]

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How U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Dealings with Muslim Terrorist-Sponsoring Nations Can Corrupt U.S. Politicians and Put America in Grave Danger

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce doesn’t seem to have any qualms about embracing the Muslim Brotherhood or the extremely Muslim Brotherhood-friendly nations of Qatar and Turkey. In 2013, then Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the U.S. Chamber and was welcomed by Executive Vice-President and COO David Chavern. Also in attendance was Turkish […]

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New Survey Finds That More Than 50% of American Evangelicals Are Heretics And Are Following Antichrist

By Walid Shoebat  Christian essential doctrines are such that deviating from them has eternal consequences and deems the individual either orthodox or heretic. This week, a new astonishing survey published by LifeWay Research, an evangelical organization, shows that over half of Evangelicals would be considered absolute heretics and followers of the spirit of Antichrist when […]

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Muslims Take Six Hundred People, And Slaughters All Of Them While Smiling

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Iraq, all members of ISIS, entered a prison near Mosul and slaughtered 600 of the inmates, many of whom because they were Shia Muslim. As one report says: After seizing Badoush Prison near Mosul, the gunmen from Islamic State, also known as ISIS, separated the Sunni from the Shia inmates, […]

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Muslim Teacher In Florida Rapes Two Girls, One Girl Gets Raped So Brutally That She Needs Surgery To Repair Her Vagina

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim teacher in Florida named Tariq Ahmad raped two girls, one 15 and the other 14, who were both his students. One girl was raped so brutally that she needed to get surgical repair for her vagina. As attorney Scott Mager said: There was significant sexual abuse, intercourse and other inappropriate […]

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‘Chickensh*t’ Netanyahu Shuts Down Islam’s Third Holiest Site (Al-Aqsa Mosque)

After a Palestinian man attempted to commit an act of murder, terrorism and a hate crime by attempting to gun down a Jewish man, Israeli authorities killed the terrorist in a shoot-out. A portion of the Israeli government’s response was to shut down al-Aqsa mosque, Islam’s third holiest site. It’s believed that the move had […]

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Schools React to Muslim Terrorist Attacks By Discouraging Practice of Religion (Including ISLAM)

As Muslim terrorist attacks continue to wreak havoc, destruction and death in northwestern China’s Xinjiang province, school principals are directing schools to “actively discourage” the practice of religion. The downside is that while the practice of Islam is discouraged, so too is all religion, despite the fact that Christianity isn’t the religion that’s breeding terrorists. […]

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Prominent Left-Wingers Point Finger at Obama for Rise of ISIS in PBS Documentary

A PBS documentary on the Rise of ISIS is quite unflattering to Barack Obama’s role in the growth of the terrorist group. Of course, there’s the issue of pulling U.S. troops out of the region in late 2011. Former Obama Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has already voiced significant criticism for that (Panetta is also […]

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Chickensh*t Comment Opens Can of Worms After Going Viral

While Ebola has been traced back to bat excrement, it’s ‘chickensh*t’ that’s making news at the moment. The revelation that a ‘senior official’ in the Obama administration accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of being a ‘chickensh*t’ is getting significant traction; it’s actually going viral days away from an election. Steve Hayes made an excellent […]

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