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People Who Have Sex With Animals Should Be Put To Death

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) I could never wrap my mind on such evil as having sex with animals. I don’t even try to think or imagine how people like in this interview explain themselves the way they do: Denmark is planning to banish bestiality, following the recent examples of Germany and Norway, said the […]

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ISIS Jihadists Seize Small Children And Rape Them

By Theodore Shoebat It has now been revealed that ISIS is raping children who they kidnap. As one report says: “The Islamic State’s litany of horrific crimes against the Yazidis in Iraq only keeps growing,” Fred Abrahams, an Human Rights Watch (HRW) special adviser, said in a news release about the report. “We heard shocking […]

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ISIS: We Will Conquer The Vatican And “break the cross”

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS is again expressing its antichrist spirit, and its anti-Catholicism, but declaring that they are going to invade the Vatican and “break the cross.” According to one report: Islamic State (ISIS) has published a new edition of the propaganda booklet Dabiq, which is again signaling its primary enemy – Christianity. On the […]

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Obama Administration Wants To Hang Syria’s President By Seizing Opportunity to Capitalize on Muslim War Crimes Propaganda

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack **SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE** The State Department alleges it has obtained 27,000 photographs showing the emaciated, bruised and burned bodies of Syrian torture victims by using gruesome images that a top official told Yahoo News constitute “smoking gun” evidence that Obama wants to use for the purpose of bringing war-crimes charges against the […]

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Major Hotel Removes All Bibles From Their Hotels “in order not to discriminate against any religion.”

By Theodore Shoebat A major hotel in Britain, called the Travelodge, has removed all Bibles from its buildings, for “diversity reasons… in order not to discriminate against any religion.” According to one report: You can find a Bible in almost every hotel room around the globe. However, in August the Travelodge chain, one of Britain’s […]

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FBI: American Muslim Who Slaughtered People With 16 Tons Of Explosives And Was Roaming About The US Was NOT Under Surveillance

By Theodore Shoebat The FBI is now admitting that an American Muslim who blew himself up with 16 tons of explosives and was going in and out of the US, was not under surveillance. One report says: In a startling admission, counterterrorism agencies said an American suicide bomber who made frequent trips to the Middle […]

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Pastor Forces Members Of His Church To Get Abortions And Have Vasectomies, One Woman Cries “Sorry!” To Her Baby Before She Aborts It

By Theodore Shoebat A pastor named Ernest Angley of Grace Cathedral in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, has been said by several congregants to have forced the women of his church to have abortions and the men to have vasectomies, in order to prevent them from having children and hence spending their money on them as opposed […]

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Cartoonist and ex-Muslim Interviewed about his ‘PIGMAN’ Superhero that Fights Muslims

Bosch Fawstin was born a Muslim. Today, Islam deems him an apostate, which is considered worse than an infidel. Nonetheless, Fawstin – a cartoonist and author of the graphic novel series entitled, “The INFIDEL, Featuring Pig Man” – is doing more than speaking out. In an interview on The Flipside with Michael Loftus, Fawstin explains […]

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Islam’s Useful Liberal Idiots Continue to Walk the Plank with Pleasure

When it comes to liberals in today’s America, the manufactured politicization of race is the lifeblood of their sick, twisted ideology. In fact, it’s actually prioritized over their own self-preservation as is clearly demonstrated by those who insisted Thomas Eric Duncan died of Ebola because he was black instead of demanding that the border be […]

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Turkey Bombing Kurds, not ISIS

As the world wonders why Turkey is standing down and allowing ISIS fighters to continue their reign of terror in the Syrian border town of Kobane, Turkey is actually bombing Kurds according to the UK Telegraph. In reality, this is not new. As reported, Turkey has been demonstrating animosity toward and a lack of […]

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ISIS Continues to Prove it’s Islamic and Muslims Who Say it Isn’t Continue to be Revealed as Liars

Self-proclaimed Caliph of the Islamic State / ISIS / ISIL / Da’ish Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been making things difficult for stealth Muslim Brotherhood groups and leaders. Attempts by Barack Obama to insist that a group with “Islamic State” in its name is “not Islamic” and the PhD in Islamic studies hanging on al-Baghdadi’s wall […]

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