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Judaizing Is The Source Of All Heresies, It Is The Most Dangerous Heresy To Have Ever Existed. Muhammad Was A Judaizer

By Theodore Shoebat I have always wondered why the Apostles spent so much of their time fighting the Judaizers, and why the they all gathered together at the Council of Jerusalem just to condemn those who said you needed to be circumcised in order to have attain salvation. Through modern eyes, these heretics would be […]

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Head of Huma Abedin Defender Ben Affleck Nearly Explodes when Liberal Comedian Confronts him with Truth about Islam

The firewall behind the forehead of liberal actor and Huma Abedin defender Ben Affleck was breached by Bill Maher and his guest. It was definitely red alert / all hands on deck inside Affleck’s cranium. Liberals are quite comfortable in the echo chamber of group think where all liberals are in lockstep but in this […]

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Oklahoma Senator Critical of Islam BEFORE Beheading Largely Silent AFTER Beheading **UPDATE: Bennett NOT Backing Down**

The silence of Oklahoma State Senator John Bennett about Islam is conspicuous. Just days prior to the beheading of an Oklahoma woman by a man who attended a Muslim Brotherhood-connected mosque, Bennett had been making some strong comments against Islam. Since the beheading, he’s been practically silent. Bennett’s decision to go dark may be politically […]

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Bachmann Shows more Guts than Most Men as ISIS Features her in Latest Video

Last week, as reported, Rep. Michele Bachmann gave a speech at the Values Voters Summit that included language most – if not all – men wouldn’t use. She referred to the fight America is engaged in today as “spiritual warfare” and identified Islam specifically when describing it. As a result, Bachmann made the cut […]

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Turkey’s LYING President wants U.S. Vice President to Apologize for Telling the Truth

It’s not very often that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden gets something right but he did during a speech at Harvard University this week. While explaining how ISIS grew out of Al-Nusra and al-Qaeda in Iraq after finding open space in eastern Syria, Biden did something few American politicians do; he dropped Turkey in the […]

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Next American to be Beheaded is a Convert to Islam but that doesn’t seem to help

At the end of the video featuring ISIS beheading victim Alan Henning, the next victim is presented. His name is Peter Kassig and he is an American Army vet who converted to Islam while in captivity; that doesn’t seem to be enough. Like the others, Kassig appears to be a leftist who is sympathetic to […]

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Pope Francis Backs Military Attacks Against ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis conveyed a meeting with other Catholic bishops to discuss the current persecution of Christians, and in the end an agreement was made that military attacks against ISIS was justified. As we read from a report: The Vatican is demanding that Christians and other religious minorities have the right to return […]

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Muslim Jihadists Are Now Closing In On Ancient Christian City, But Hundreds Of Christian Fighters Have Taken Up Their Guns And Are Now Killing Them

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim jihadists fighting for the Al-Nusra Front terrorist group (or ANF), has been for months attacking and trying to invade the Christian city of Mhardeh. It is amongst the last Christian strongholds in Syria, and now the Muslim heretics are closing in on the city. As one native Christian named George Rahhal […]

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ISIS Is Is Making Horrific Fields Of Blood, And Takes Men And Small Boys And Slaughters All Of Them In Cold Blood

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS is making blood soaked killing fields, slaughtering hundreds of people, taking men and young boys and killing them without remorse. As one report says: The Islamic State is carrying out despicable crimes and has transformed rural areas of northern Iraq into blood-soaked killing fields in its brutal campaign to obliterate all […]

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41st Anniversary of Yom Kippur War, Watch a Hero and the Miracle of Yahweh

Avigdor Kahalani was a battalion commander during the Yom Kippur War. He and 7 of his remaining tanks of the 77th Brigade stopped the Syrian advance on the Golan Heights in 1973. We solute Avigdor Khalani who is now a retired General and his brave tank commanders for their courage and tenacity in saving Israel […]

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U.S. Mosque Already Tax-Exempt now getting DHS / FEMA Taxpayer Grants for Security

It appears that Muslim Brotherhood-linked institutions in the U.S. have found yet another way to benefit from taxpayers, in addition to being tax-exempt. The latest example comes courtesy of the Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB), which is receiving tens of thousands of dollars in grant (taxpayer) money courtesy of a program administered by the Federal […]

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ISIS Beheads Another Sympathetic Leftist with Poor Judgment

ISIS has beheaded four Westerners on video – two Americans and two Brits. In each case the victims appear to have been either leftists or individuals who were sympathetic to Syria’s rebels. The latest victim is Alan Henning, a Brit who went so far as having a tattoo on his arm that expressed solidarity with […]

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Why Japan And Buddhism Will eventually Be One Of The Greatest Enemies To America And The Civilized World

After the war, our brutal side was completely hidden, but I believe it is just hidden — Yukio Mishima on Japan Turkey, the nation of the Antichrist, will be allying with Japan, the most powerful nation of the Far East. Many people will deny this, and say there is no that Japan will ever be […]

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