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Obama Is Aiding Muslim Terrorists and Major Drug Smugglers Under The Banner Of War On Terror

By Walid Shoebat  We have always maintained that when it comes on the war on ISIS you cannot trust Muslims, be it the Turks including even the Kurds whom we are defending at Kobane. Here are the facts. The Kurds, the main fighting machine is the PKK are nothing but terrorists themselves and are also major […]

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Ebola Is Out Of Control (World Health Organization Finally Admits)

By Walid Shoebat While democrats accuse republicans of politicizing Ebola, the World Health Organization (WHO) has admitted it botched attempts to stop the now-spiraling Ebola outbreak in West Africa, blaming factors including “incompetent staff”, “lack of information”, “politics”, and “bureaucracy”, elements for disaster that are not foreign to the Obama Administration here in the U.S. […]

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Chinese Government Arrests Twelve Muslims And Sentences Them All To Death

By Theodore Shoebat The Chinese Government  arrested twelve Muslims and sentenced them all to death. This is part of a recent measure China is taking to prevent terrorism. One report tells us:   A Chinese court sentenced 12 people to death and dozens more to lesser sentences for attacks on government buildings and vehicles that […]

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Kenyan Government Takes Two Muslims And Throws Them Into Prison

By Theodore Shoebat The Kenyan government has thrown two Muslims into prison for holding fake Israeli passports. As we read from one report:   A Kenyan court on Wednesday ordered two Iranians held under anti-terrorism laws to serve two years in jail or pay a hefty fine after they pleaded guilty to using fake Israeli passports […]

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Muslims Uphold Death Sentence On Christian Woman

By Theodore Shoebat   The Muslim government of Pakistan is upholding the death penalty for a Christian woman named Asia Bibi. As one report says:   A Pakistani court has upheld the death sentence of a Christian woman whose 2010 conviction for blasphemy led to the assassination of two politicians who supported her, a defense […]

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Karl Rove’s Coverup of WMD Discoveries in Iraq Helps Explain his Coverup of Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration in U.S.

As has reported on for some time now, Karl Rove has a nasty habit of not coming clean while refusing to go away and insisting on being relevant. If there is one issue that Rove has gone out of his way to avoid, it’s been his acknowledgment of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. […]

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Muslims Attack Christian Village, And Slaughter 17 Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Cameroon, part of the Boko Haram jihadist gang, attacked a village where they slaughtered 17 Christians in cold blood. In one report we read: A further bloody attack by militants from the Islamist group Boko Haram has targeted two villages in northern Cameroon, killing 17 Christians. Meanwhile, the true extent […]

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In Sermon at Mosque Attended by Boston Marathon Bombers, Imam Says Liberal Atheist Criticism of Islam is ‘Code Red’ for Muslims

Radical Imam Suhaib Webb took to his pulpit at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) to address the viral video exchange between atheist comedian Bill Maher, atheist author Sam Harris, and Hollywood dupe Ben Affleck. Webb essentially sounded the alarm bells for his congregation, saying that when conservatives levy criticism against Islam, it’s […]

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Obama Choosing his Islamic Roots over his Marxist Ones in Syria

Is Obama a Marxist or a Muslim? It’s a question that has been debated since he burst onto the national scene. On one hand, he was born to a Muslim father and attended Islamic schools as a child. On the other hand, he was mentored for years as a young boy by Communist Party USA […]

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Ebola Making a Case For Islamophobia

Just when you thought Ebola and Islam were two separate news stories, it’s being reported that Sharia law is actually facilitating the spread of the deadly virus. The burial rituals and practices in Sharia constitutes a toxic brew when the deceased died of Ebola. In fact, Ebola is even more contagious when handling corpses of […]

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