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What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Muslim In Canada Who Ran Over An Officer To Death

By Theodore Shoebat I did a video on what the media is not telling us about the Muslim in Canada who murdered an officer by running him over: TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CHRISTIANITY’S WAR AGAINST ISLAM, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO GET OUR NEW 2-DISK DVD SPECIAL ON CHRISTIAN MILITANCY

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Muslims Take Thirty Christians, And Brutally Butcher All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat Fulani Muslims in Taraba State, Nigeria, took thirty Christians and brutally butchered all of them. As one report says: The Christian Reformed Church, Nigeria, has raised the alarm over reported killing of no fewer than 30 Christians by Hausa-Fulani Muslims in some parts of Taraba State, despite the ceasefire agreement which was […]

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By Theodore Shoebat I would like to explain several reasons as to why we should not trust Muslims as a civilization. When ISIS invades a village, the first thing they do is establish a false facade of peace, telling people that they come in peace. Dr. Salim Hassan, a geologist and professor at the University […]

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Muslims Take A Family, And Starve Them So Much That The Mothers Lick The Tears Off Their Babies’ Cheeks To Not Die Of Thirst

By Theodore Shoebat A horrific story was reported today of what people suffering under ISIS have endured. One were starved so severely that mothers would drink the tears of their babies so as not to thirst to death. The family was Yezadi and are deemed worthy of death by ISIS One journalist says: During my […]

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Major Christian Leader In The Middle East: There Is No Arab Spring, Its All Death, Killing, And Devastation, This All Goes Back To Islam

By Theodore Shoebat The Catholic Chaldean Archbishop Thomas Meram of Urmia, said that there is no “Arab Spring,” just death and mayhem, killing and devastation: I don’t think the Arab Spring — I would say Arab Winter — there’s no Spring. Everything is fire, killing, bombarding, from Libya to Syria to Iraq to Yemen, to […]

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Operation Fast and FurISIS

In operation Fast and Furious, officials in the Obama administration intentionally allowed high powered weapons to be taken into Mexico and given to drug cartels that used those guns to kill an untold number of innocent people. Last month, both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate voted to allow high powered weapons to be airdropped […]

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American TV Journalist, who Exposed Turkey’s Support to ISIS, Dies in ‘Suspicious’ Car Accident

An American TV journalist, who was accused by Ankara of spying – following her recent story blaming Turkey of allowing Islamic State militants to cross into Kobane, died in a car accident on Sunday. Serena Shim, an American citizen with Lebanese origin, was killed in a “suspicious” car accident near the Turkey-Syria border, reported Iran-based […]

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Inside the Mind of a Traitor

French General Philippe Pétain went from WWI hero to WWII traitor. He became an agent of the Nazis and even helped round up Jews for trips to concentration camps. Did Pétain suddenly become diabolically evil? Such traitors are devoid of a conscience. But what of men who have a conscience but ignore it while twisting […]

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China Will Have to Fight Muslims to Avoid Losing Part of its Country to Caliphate

The Xinjiang province in northwestern China is home to the Muslim Uyghurs that have been responsible for terror attacks against China. The leader of ISIS – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – has made it clear that he wants the Uyghurs to join his self-declared Caliphate, as has reported. Now an al-Qaeda magazine is calling for […]

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Man In Canada Converts To Islam And Supports ISIS, He Then Gets In His Car And Runs Over Two Canadian Soldiers. The Officers Then Shoot Him To Death

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Quebec, named Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau, who converted to Islam, got into his car and struck two officers. One of the officers died, and the other has injuries. As was found in his Twitter account, Martin supported ISIS. Here is his picture: According to one report: The driver of a […]

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Bachmann Threatened by ISIS and gets Security Detail

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) made some strong statements at the Values Voters Summit recently. ISIS used some of her speech in one of its videos. It’s believed that an online threat to Bachmann may have been in response to that speech. A consequence of the threat appears to be Bachmann getting her own security detail […]

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Obama Rebuked by Prominent Pastor who Concedes Islamic State IS Islamic

Prominent Christian pastor Reverend Franklin Graham essentially discarded Barack Obama’s contention that “ISIL is not Islamic” when the former took to facebook and implied that ISIL / ISIS / Islamic State / Da’ish is simply following the dictates of the Qur’an. In his post, Graham honed in on Islamic State’s enslavement and treatment of Yazidi […]

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Democrat Muslim State Senator Arrested

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed, a Muslim who once refused to sign onto a bill that would ban the use of sharia law as reported, was arrested for not getting out of the street in front of the Ferguson Police Department while protesting the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson last August. Presumably, Nasheed’s […]

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