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Islam Was NOT Founded By Muhammad, And It Is The Religion Of The Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat  Islam was not founded by Muhammad, it was founded by a 4th century heretic named Arius, the founder of Arianism, a heresy that denied the divinity of Christ. Muhammad really resumed this heresy and extended through Saudi Arabia. Islam really is an Arabian extension of Islam. I did a whole video on […]

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Drumbeats Of War Between Syria And Turkey And The U.S. Is Sending More Troops To Oust Bashar Al-Assad

When Bashar Al-Assad of Syria warned of the true intentions behind the 2011 Arab Spring, that it will turn into an Islamic winter, few in the west were listening. Now, the story is repeating when Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad just accused Turkey’s military intervention in Syria as “an act of aggression” and “a front to helping ISIS”. All this while the US military has even deployed […]

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Every Cult Isolates Verses Of The Bible In Order To Manipulate Their Followers, And Justify The Most Demonic Abuses

By Theodore Shoebat   All cults isolate verses of the Scriptures to influence and manipulate their followers. Cults will isolate verses that talk about prophets having multiple wives to justify polygamy; cults will isolate verses about the poor to propagate socialism and communism; cults will isolate verses on money to teach health and wealth gospel; […]

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